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Love in transit | a love story on the airport| When God writ…

When God writes your love story, the airport can be a beautiful place where two hearts can find each other.
Stories that inspire us often take place in unlikely places. In this video, I share the story of a love that flourished in transit. When God writes your love story, the airport can be a beautiful place where two hearts can find each other.
In this video, I’m telling the love story of a couple who met while they were traveling through airports. I talk about how they fell in love, how their love was tested during their travels, and how their love prevailed in the end.

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Stories like this are what inspire me to keep telling love stories. Love in transit – a love story on the airport – is a story that will touch your heart and remind you that love always prevails. When God writes your love story, it will be even more beautiful because you were a part of it!

Watch as we journey through the airport, meeting new people and falling in love all over again.
Bon voyage!

About the Story:
“There is someone seen at the airport for consecutive days. No one knows why he is there at the airport every day. Who is he waiting for? You don’t know him but you too are there at the airport observing him every day.
Why is he at the airport?
Who is he waiting for?
And why are you there…observing him every day?”

(Who could think this was the reason…I smile to myself as I observe him)


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