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11 tips Entrepreneur mindset that fuels Success, and still have work-life balance

11 tips Entrepreneur mindset that fuels Success, and still have work-life balance 1
Work-life Balance while turning passions into profits

Are you thinking of starting up a business, a project that has been at the back burner for quite some time?

Or have you already started your passion project and now you are at the place where you are feeling overwhelmed with the immense work required to bring your dream to fruition?

Sometimes, working 9 to 5 is a career that pays the bills, but it doesn’t help us grow as individuals… We become trapped in a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and forget why we started working in the first place. But sometimes, people are very happy in their jobs, and so for this episode, we are focusing on people who are searching for a deeper meaning, and satisfaction and who are wanting more from their career, life and overall success. Therefore Luxury Unplugged podcast: in this episode, I am bringing to you bites on the Entrepreneur mindset that fuels success and work-life balance.

Hi, I am Neeti N Keswaani, Author, Blogger and your host for Luxury Unplugged where Luxury meets enlightenment

and in today’s episode, we are covering:

how to become successful as a start-up

how to Be Inspired to ‘Live Your Dreams’

next : Is Purpose at the Core of Your Strategy?

• Learn how to fuel higher profits

You deserve to have work | Life that you love, so keep tuning in…


How to become successful as a start-up

so for this, let’s dive straight into the topic of becoming inspired to live your dreams.

Become Inspired to “Live Your Dreams”

I’m not saying that you need to drop your job right now, but just remember the reason you started working in the first place. When I was living paycheck-to-paycheck, my “why” was to gain enough experience and expertise to start my Business someday.

Because of this goal, I took jobs in varied roles in IT Consulting, Digital Marketing and HR Strategy. And while I was working in varied roles, I pursued my passion for travelling and loved living amidst different cultures in 3 countries India, the United States and London, the United Kingdom in the past 18 years and dawned many hats as an HR consultant, managing Global client relationships, managing teams, having loads of interactions with back end- Project Managers based out of Bangalore and Chennai, and all through this, I learnt amazing skills to run a business globally while being cost-efficient and creating a difference…Not only through the products and services of the companies I represented at the time but by my sheer presence in my role.

I was able to accomplish my dreams by never wavering on my “why.”

So, you might wonder How could I expect to stay inspired when there are bills piling up?

‘Well, I sifted and sorted and looked for inspiration… from snippet from my bestselling book ‘Live your dreams’

If you have a job or career right now, don’t limit what God can do in your life. Use this time to collect as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Startup: How to Fuel Purpose and Profit by Doing Good

I went from working in a company with 1,5000 employees to freelancing in content Marketing to writing a bestselling Book to start my own boutique design agency and managing a team around the world, …And guess what? I am happy with the trajectory of my life not because there is less work but because there is so much to do…

I found ways to connect to my ‘why’ in a way that allowed me to stay inspired and serve others. I realized that God wants me to serve an important purpose in my community. The reason why you are listening to this episode or reading this article is that there are lots of people who don’t have access to information on how they can become successful by following their passion.

So I thought of sharing my experiences with you all.

Also, if you are someone who wants to know how to gradually transform your career from 9-5 job to a successful entrepreneur, you can read my book ‘Live Your Dreams’ which takes you through a whirlwind of emotions, adventures and experiences and finally transforms my protagonist Rhea Jaiswal into someone she was always meant to be. The link is in the description.

At this point, you might be wondering

how do I become successful as a startup?

How can I do the same in my life right now?

If you don’t have enough money or experience, don’t worry! Use this time to collect as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Do something that makes you happy.

And set values for yourself. for what you stand for, and for those that you cannot stand at all. like the ones that are non-negotiable.

Is Purpose at the Core of Your Strategy??

Now, this segment is for people who have already started a business or are seriously contemplating having one.

Ask yourself if your business strategy aligns with your purpose in life?

When we start working for money, our missions in life become more complicated. We lose our purpose because we have other people to support financially. That’s why it’s important to have a ‘why’.

Your “why”, in my opinion, is the only way you can live your dreams and achieve success and have a work-life balance.

There are many benefits to owning your own business. First, you get to devote your time and energy to something you enjoy. This can help you feel more fulfilled in your work. Second, you have the opportunity to self-actualize, or create your own vision for your life and make it a reality. Finally, you get to see your creation grow from an idea into an empire.

Learn how to fuel higher profits

DO you know which trends are impacting your business?

What new needs, opportunities, and challenges lie ahead?

What role can you play that will open up future opportunities for you that you believe in?

Moving into new market areas can transform a business and, handled correctly, can significantly increase your profitability.

For instance, post-pandemic, the world is moving online drastically.

What are you doing to make the most of this opportunity for yourself?

For your business?

Any thoughts? Write to us on info@plush-ink.com

Entrepreneur mindset for Success, work-life balance

This in turn means having a growth mindset…a.k.a luxury unplugged mindset.

  1. If you have a growth-oriented mindset, you believe that your talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience and mentorship, so you push yourself and “go for it.”
  2. Be authentic. Be “you” in every situation. You’ll have less stress, more peace, and more harmony in your whole life—instead of just parts of it.
  3. Say No :It’s easy to say yes to every offer, client, and chore—large or little—that comes your way. It is difficult, even frightening, to say no. However, in order to have any chance of remaining afloat, it is essential that you master the art of saying no.”Eliminate. If it isn’t a HELL YES then it’s a NO! 

Now let’s see How to achieve work life balance

Let’s face it: When you start a firm, the phrase “work-life balance” loses all meaning. For small company owners, there is always a need to find equilibrium between a time-consuming career and a full personal life. However, comparing the two on an equal footing is deceptive. Whether you’re a one-person firm or oversee 25 people, the pull of business demands is ever-present. To be successful in both arenas doesn’t mean you have equal hours at home and in the office, it means you have found a rhythm that fulfils both sides.

1) Learn to communicate effectively with your coworkers, family, and even yourself since you are in command. Communicate your goals and requirements clearly so that expectations are established in personal, social, professional and passion goals.

2) Prioritizing the right activities: Most entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of friends and family. They’re too preoccupied with corporate crises. As a result, your personal life becomes emptier, which leads to greater job stress. So don’t forget about your pals and family in favour of your job.

3) Making daily time commitments: The most successful entrepreneurs have a routine that includes regular exercise and personal time. For instance, I meditate for 15 minutes each day.

4) Bonus Tip: Design your business so that you can get away. Through strategy, leadership, and automation—which I refer to as the three pillars of small business success—you can absolutely take vacations. And your business will actually prosper in your absence!

How? well, For work specific tips, listen to my podcast: Content is King

In this episode, we covered :

How are you becoming successful as a start-up?

Are you Inspired to ‘Live Your Dreams’ ?

Is Purpose at the Core of Your Strategy?

Learn how to fuel higher profits

If you liked this episode please share it with your friends. What is your “why”?

And remember

You deserve to have work | Life that you love, Become Happier and content while you pursue your dreams and live them daily

Signing off this is Neeti N Keswaani for Luxury Unplugged.

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