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Venice- among 10 beautiful destination, here I come!

Venice- among 10 beautiful destination, here I come!

As our water taxi takes us to our hotel, I fall in love with Venice. The water journey from the airport to the hotel is nothing less than mesmerizing as I entered Venice. I confess though, that the first thing I say to Sahil as we make way to our hotel is, ‘It looks just like the hotel in Las Vegas!’ And we burst out laughing. It does! They say it is a city with longest name of romance’. Venice appears to me like a dream destination.

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It is just that picture-perfect place like I thought about Venice. Its vibrancy is hard to miss… and its authentic centuries-old charm… adds to the romance in the air. A scene of gondolas, alleys, beautiful arches, and sumptuous pasta. History oozes out in such places and makes me illustrate in my green diary… while enjoying the scene right from my balcony. I am just soaking in as much as I can… the beautiful gondolas in the waters… choppy waters at times and happy tourist faces everywhere. Venice is just perfect!!!

To me, travel is unwinding as I have inspired in not-so-obvious ways. I love the thrill of travel whether it is for work or otherwise. Just mingling with so many cultures, meeting different people, and trying gourmet cuisines… simply make my creativity come out. Although it is a short holiday, it is glorious to be in Venice. We are strolling in the alleys and sort of getting immersed in the Venetian experience by enjoying local foods in Venice, indulging in Murano glassware, and sipping white wine like a popular trend in Venice. How can one miss that??!!

As we stand on our hotel balcony, admiring the views around, Sahil hands me an invite to the masquerade ball. ‘We are just in time, these are some of the last invites that I managed to get for you.’ Sahil says as I start reading the invite. I feel the glitzy gold texture of the scroll and open it to see what is written in. Venice is just breathing taking….!!!

‘I am so excited about this masquerade dinner party we are having here in Venice… dawning the famous Venetian Masks aka ‘Macherade’ in full Venetian attire, it would be so much fun! Just cannot get a hold of anything in Venice, yet everything is exceptionally amazing.  It’s so good Sahil!’ I chirp as Sahil looks at me and the Venetian waters smilingly. ~ The masquerade ball spells mystic just by its name. The masks, the music, and the food add to the drama and take us to a royal era of another time. Sahil and I take to the stage for the ballroom dance; there is a stride in our step. Couldn’t have expected anything beautiful as this in Venice.

We just follow the beat and the rhythms of the music and have a good time. The masked faces around add to the mystic feel of Venice. After thoroughly enjoying the dinner and dance we head out and see another exquisite scene… the grand canal in the twilight. Awestruck! Yet again… As we take a walk on the Rialto bridge and enjoy a cappuccino at the Piazza San Marco, I feel there are more tourists here than the locals here in Venice.

And why not, the shimmering, rippling water wonderland with bustling waterways, singing Live Your Dreams 241 gondoliers and boardwalk… is sure a different world of its kind. There is a humming of songs in the background by enthusiastic gondoliers. Sometimes some random people are gesturing ‘hello’. Even the most unadventurous types are seeming to be swept away.

The land of most amazing Gelato ice-creams and thin-crust pizzas is keeping Kartikye so amused. He thinks we are in some sort of Disneyland theme park… otherwise who lives in a city with longest name where you travel by water! For me, it is a Disneyland for grownups.

Which other place boasts of mini-canals, gondolas, churches, and incredible views packed in a tiny island? Venice is continuing to enthrall me. As we board the plane and bid Venice goodbye, it seems like a place fixed in my memory like images on a photographer’s lens. I am going to come back for more.

Travelling Venice or any part of the world is no less than a dream come true. if you could you are lucky and if not now, you will be eventually lucky. Speaking of dreams, there an awesome book called to live your dreams, you can’t miss this.

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