Memories You Can Immortalize In 5 Ways Memories You Can Immortalize In 5 Ways

Immortalise your memories…

Immortalise your memories... 1

‘We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection’ said author Anais Nin – a reflective I can strongly relate to.

I never had a penchant for documenting things in a visual way for memories.

Yes, I would write stuff…mostly when I am travelling. But that’s about it. I would not go and maintain a dairy.

Taking of Diary, you check this collection of diaries here..!!!

But I guess everyone should keep a diary of sorts and I’ll tell you why!

Immortalise your memories... 2

It is a way through which we could remember the stolen moments, the tricky moments that we came through, and the ones that have left a lasting impression. I remember distinctly while driving through the Austrian Alps a few years back, I had this urge to pen down this moment in time.

Besides writing, if you love reading booktok then “Live your dream” would be a good choice.

As we (me and hubby) were zipping across to our mountain resort, ice-glazed beautifully as the sun shone on mountain peaks and there was this peak in the distance that caught my eye.

The setting sun’s golden rays, ice-clad mountains and those curvy roads ahead of us and steeping clouds creating the sense of mystic…we could not move further.

I now realize I wanted to pen it down for savoring the feelings later, finally realized “Why you should immortalize your memories”,??? And when you can just take the perfect picture at the moment, it just adds to the vibrancy.

You see, we don’t remember the times spent hunched over our Accounts textbook until four just before the exams.

We also don’t remember the times spent in commuting from home to office.

If I tell you to recall your fondest memories, most likely your travel escapades will shine first.

Some you might be a travel lover and be often frequent with a collection of Good booktok. You should read “Night Train To Lisbon” during your journey.

Not to leave behind some birthdays, weddings and birth.

Needless to say, the best memories are those that either bring a smile to our lips or make us recall them in absolute detail as if they are occurring right now.

Do you have moments like these in life? I am sure you do…Why not put them up in a special way like a collage or a dairy or a collection of pics and writings.
Because when you have reached the end of time, these memories would be left with you forever to cherish.

Practice your ability to form these stories, recollections, and memories by surrounding yourself with people who you love.

Love comes within that emerges with positivity and happiness in life. Click here and check the book associated with it.

Everything takes practice. Many of us simply don’t realize memory building is one of them.

When we experience special moments with a special someone, and we write about that experience, those moments become immortalised.
Do you agree?

Well, probably we have known why you need to eternize Your memories, but do you know How To Immortalise Your Memories??? Maybe no…

So let us browse some Crafty Ways to Immortalize Your Photographs and Memories:

This is a generation of making and keeping memories with just a single click, but is there a way to outshow it every day as a nudge of moments that happened to our lives, somehow hold a special place in our heart too?? Is there any???

Well, of course, there are several ways to Immortalize Your Photographs and Memories. Let’s see how.

  1. Booklets: Imagine a little book having a collection of memorable photos that you may glance through anytime and whenever you choose. Admire your work’s beauty and perhaps even share it with others. You put a lot of effort into each shot you have, and you should show it out to as many people as possible.
  1. Painting/Poster/ Frame: This option is great for you if you enjoy presenting your artwork and put effort into each shot. It can be a great addition to your living area and will almost certainly become a topic of conversation. Besides you can feel that very moment with every passing look you give it to. Your timeless moment will now be immortalized in your home as a gorgeous artwork just like your heart.
  1. Personalized Gifts: This is the most innovative way among all to live through your moments every sec. Your favorite photo can be printed on a mug, tumbler, calendar, and much more! You have a photograph that you like with you at all times that could be viewed at work, school, or even during everyday activities. When you’re anxious and fatigued, looking at images provides you a small burst of energy and happiness since it brings up a nice memory from that snapshot.

Speaking of gifts, you definitely should check these gift collections here..!!

Share in your comments if you have done so or wish to do so…maybe I could help you craft your thought around the same.

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