Long-Lasting Perfumes…a Sense of Eternity

Long-Lasting Perfumes

Long-Lasting Perfumes, a Sense of Eternity

Significance of a long-lasting perfume, you ask? Well, the list is endless! Let’s agree on the fact that there’s something extraordinarily miraculous about a good fragrance and why is entitled to be among the Long-Lasting Perfumes.

Everybody loves to smell marvelous and is deeply satisfied when they find the right perfume for their body and personality.

It is no secret that perfume is an instant impression builder and leaves the trails of unforgettable, intense memories related to a person and if it’s one of the Long-Lasting Perfumes, then that’s no less than a cherry on top of a cake.

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It is also true that perfumes are a quick mood lifter too when you still have the faint gust in the evening that you applied in the morning.

So it is not surprising that some are Long-Lasting Perfumes than other perfumes.

This is generally because of the highest concentration of the scent which is usually between 20% to 30%, to be specific.

Therefore, it lasts for incredibly long hours, for about six to eight hours. So, if you are on a hunt to know which is the best long-lasting perfumes to feel fresh and classy and that reflects your personality and style, here you go!


  1. Tiffany Intense For Women Eau de Parfum 

This one is a full ‘paisa Rasool’s perfume and a richer and deeper version of Tiffany’s signature fragrance is among the best Long-Lasting Perfumes.

It is alluring and mesmerizing among Long-Lasting Perfumes.

If you are the type of girl who likes to keep her smell feminine, this is for you, one hundred percent!

The powdery iris, the powerful musky fragrance are enchanting and will surely fit your taste.

Price: Rs. 7,568/-




2.    Calvin Klein Obsession For Women Eau de Parfum

Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum is perfect for a woman with passionate, sophisticated, intense, and bold traits.

It completely suits the vibe and fits the purpose with a tinge of basil, lemon, vanilla,  peach, and mandarin. Also, it’s among the Long-Lasting Perfumes.

The perfume was introduced in 1985 and still dominates an irresistible appeal.

This oriental perfume also creates a sexy mood with a unique blend of jasmine, rose, exotic spices, sandalwood, musk, etc.

Popular for leaving a long-lasting impact with its distinctive aromatic properties, the perfume is loved by many!

Price: Rs. 5,350/-

Image courtesy: overstock.com

3.     Gucci Bloom Eau De Parfum

We want to thanks Gucci a lot, for coming out with such charmingly pleasant fragrances, especially this one!

The scent is vibrant, yet so subtle, classy and attention-grabbing.

The scent has the aroma of tuberose, jasmine, and honeysuckle which is highly is impactful but not dominating.

Perfect for women of all the age groups who prefer to adopt a feminine and delicate fragrance throughout the year!

Price: Rs. 12, 899/-




4.    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum

To the lovelies, all the sexy vibe you ever wanted is right here!

The fresh and sweet Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle EDP has an oriental and sexy vibe in a spray for easy application.

Warm Floral Key Notes of the perfume are Orange, Patchouli, Turkish Rose Fragrance which is irresistibly appealing.

Price: 7,993/-

CHANEL COCO Eau De Parfum Spray For Women (100ml)

5.    Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au The Blanc

Good thing: BVLGARI Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc is a unisex perfume for the people looking for serenity and tranquility.

The scent is a unique infusion of fruity and woody smells making it the classiest of the classy!

The fragrance is captivating and is inspired by a rare white Himalayan Tea.

A soothing luxury to wear in the daytime as well as the nighttime.

For all the peace-loving folks, here’s your thing!

Price: 5,998/- 





6.    Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs’ Decadence has a brutally sophisticated and potent fragrance.

It has a strong scent of wood with top notes of iris flower, saffron and plum, heart notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and orris; and a base of vetiver, papyrus woods and liquid amber.

Marc Jacobs really knows its way as to how to make long lasting perfumes from essential oils.

It is practically impossible to not be allured by the beauty of this sensual, luxurious perfume.

Price: Rs. 9,175/-



7.    Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum

The seductively addictive smell to mesmerize every inch of you!

That does sound sensuous now! Imagine how intoxicating the fragrance is!

With the opening notes of adrenaline-rich coffee and the sweet smell of vanilla recline, for all your thrilling ventures!

Price: Rs. 8,199/-




8.    Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne is a spray for unisex with a very clean and fresh aroma.

The classy and simple scent has an evocative smell that captures the fragrance of just-ripe pears, perfect for your daily wear.

It is a great scent and makes an incredible signature perfume!

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia .3 Oz / 9ml Cologne Travel Spray.

Price: Rs. 25,500/-

It is recommended to choose your perfect scent carefully and learn how to know long-lasting perfumes.

The aforementioned handpicked perfumes with excellent fragrance longevity are worth trying at least once.

Set some amazing memories and impressions with the right perfume for yourself!


If this list doesn’t seem enough for you women especially, then check this collection of amazing sets of women perfumes.

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