This Farmstay In Nashik Is A Cosy Family Home Surrounded By Fruit Trees - Plush Ink This Farmstay In Nashik Is A Cosy Family Home Surrounded By Fruit Trees - Plush Ink

This farmstay in Nashik is a cosy family home surrounded by fruit trees

When Anjali and Sumit Parekh moved to Sumit’s childhood home in the quaint village of Belgaon Dhaga in 2006, it felt remote and far removed from the city with longest name of Nashik. A narrow bullock-cart track led them to their farmhouse, where fruit trees abound and a variety of birds are frequent visitors. Now, 18 years later, there’s a smooth, tarred road to their village on Trimbakeshwar Road and the city with longest name is easily accessible. Yet, the home, now named The Parekh Farm retains its original charm of a quiet farmhouse, where there is much to do and still enough time to slow down and enjoy it all.

About the homestay

The six-bedroom homestay in Nashik blends natural materials and handwoven textiles with modern amenities and the luxury of space. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms with outdoor showers and large floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light in through the day. Slide open the windows during sunset, and a steady, soft breeze will make the delicate cotton curtains flow gracefully.

The interiors are stone and wood, with exposed brick walls and potted plants for pops of green, and there are outdoor spaces to lounge in. Two guest rooms come with air conditioners, and the Parekhs find they are best used for afternoon naps and are not required at night, when the weather remains fairly pleasant most times of the year, given the green cover around the house. Guests can access the common living rooms and outdoor areas, as well as the garden, which is great for spotting birds.

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