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How Travel Industry is Evolving In the Pandemic

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The travel and tourism industry contributes 3.6 % to the world Gross Domestic Product And indirectly contribute 10.6% to it. What’s more, is that the Travel industry also represents 12% of total world export. But Covid 19 dramatically altered the life of the Travel sector. Problems like cancellation, rescheduling, refunds, little or no compensation at all started arising. So while these problems started piling up, Travel agencies hadn’t still lost their faith. They managed through all complications, improved and provided consultations on safe travelling.

They managed to provide facilities and support keeping in mind the limitations and security of travels and even ensured that the travelers get the fullest of everything.

And with such preparations, Travel agencies found themselves again looking at a positive long term prospect of their business.

Today we list 3 such Travel agencies that managed to dodge the bullets while keeping their services efficient for travelers.


How Travel Industry is Evolving In the Pandemic 1

Since 1951 in New Jersey, United States, Liberty travel has been ensuring to make leisure travel for family and friends is comfortable.

Liberty was the first to offer travel packages, and it continues to do so successfully for families, corporations, friends, and businesses. Previously reserved only for the elite class, Liberty grew to be more inclusive and provided affordable packages to all.

Talk about group gateways, vacationing on a cruise, getting married in your dream location, romantic honeymoons, last-minute scheduled travels, or even a lavish holiday, Liberty avails all. 

For every type of traveller, it ensures that your vacation is planned and customised.

With Brilliant consultants, Liberty helps you to find your independent, adventurous or even guided tours for you in the most favoured destinations like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, Central America, South America, South Pacific, Australia & Indian Ocean.

The best deal available now on the site is $1000 off for couples on their destination wedding. So if you plan to ring your wedding bells, make sure you check them out.

Trek with Tramps

How Travel Industry is Evolving In the Pandemic 2

Trek with tramps is a Trekking group based in Maharashtra. They provide trekking to adventurous travellers who seek serene in the lap of nature. Trek with Tramps ensures a safe and thrilling experience for their travellers with their affordable packages. They keep updating about their recent packages on their Instagrams, which varies from 2 days to 9 days in some magical location of Maharashtra. Whether it is paragliding, rock climbing or bathing in waterfalls, Trek with tramp will bring you the best thrilling experiences.

So if you are in India and are looking for an adventurous break, Trek with Tramps will be your perfect partner in crime.


How Travel Industry is Evolving In the Pandemic 3

Established in 2018, Star Travels is a travel agency that took over the existing company Lilongwe. Star travels offers you the best travelling services starting from booking flight tickets, to hotels and even cabs for you. The aim of this firm is to provide a world-class travelling experience to the people in Africa.

They believe in not just providing vacations, but also in providing you with a wonderful opportunity to build lifelong memories. They prove their dedication to their services and travelers by promising the Best Buy Guarantee, Transparency, 24×7 assistance, and Expert analysis. Their goal is to develop long-term personal relationships with their clients rather than corporate ones.

So if you ever are in Africa, and are willing to enjoy a smoothing vacation make sure you check them out.   


Despite the devastating effects of the Pandemic, these firms not only overcame their challenges, but also evolved into more efficient, trustworthy, and clever travel services.

They assured safety without compromising excitement. So, while the present appears to be difficult for travel agencies, the future appears to be brighter and more promising than in the past. It’d be fascinating to see how the Travel industry will evolve & mend its ways further.

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