Homeworking…an option or necessity?

is homeworking only an option amid the pandemic?

With the rise of mobiles, the use of laptops, broadband connection, and the plummeting price of office space, it is no coincidence that homeworking is the current trend for now.

Seeing the present condition of the Pandemic and the possibility of the 3rd wave that might hit the globe in a couple of months have made it obvious of the homeworking trend to continue. Working officials will still work from home and follow the portals issued by the Government, not just in India but the whole world.

But ever wonders what the extended “homeworking” trend would be like when the 3rd of Coronavirus is about to hit. Will the portals be the same? or would there be some changes???

If yes, then what would be the new set of rules???

Nobody really knows!! let’s try and figure it out.


COVID-19: Successful Home Working

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The advances in technology have enabled working from home or remotely very easily.

But the motivation lies elsewhere.

Surveys conducted on work-life satisfaction have consistently indicated commuting at the bottom of the list of lifestyle satisfaction.

Employers are to gain hugely from this fad.

Benefits include a significant reduction in employee sick days.

It has been estimated that staff absence has costed the UK economy upwards of £13.4 billion or 175 million working days a year.

In some companies, the cost of a single employee’s annual sick leave can be more than £1200 which is a huge amount for small businesses.

Even if you consider big businesses and each month expect 5% of employees to be taking time off due to sickness, there is a huge cost involved to businesses.

Also, if your employees are working from home, they have greater flexibility to their work schedules and still accomplish more in a day.

They could work their timings around family requirements and have turned totally homesick.

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Further, if they are fancy, they could even go for brisk walks around the blocks, gym workouts, or eating healthy which is not easily achievable in a 9-5 job.

Homeworking is really the answer to a lot of well-qualified mothers who have taken a back seat in their careers after childbirth.

BT, for instance has been hugely successful in holding on to valued female employees.

By offering the option of home working to fit around childcare and school runs, it has boosted the company’s maternity retention rate.

Tech Mahindra- Satyam last year, launched a recruitment drive for female employees. The campaign was targeted at females who were initially in mid/ senior management roles but had to take a break after family commitments.

Homeworking is also the answer if you are a budding entrepreneur. Every penny counts when you are trying to set up a business.

The mortgage repayments, commitments of external premises, unavoidable running costs all add up and can drag you a bit down.

However, with homeworking, lots of such costs can be avoided.

You are set up infrastructure-wise almost instantly and ready to roll in your chosen area.

But working from home requires discipline and commitment. One might wonder why?

Is home working really the greener option?

work from home

With homeworking life can be easy- no bosses, no requirement to go for team lunches, no chatter when you really want to work, etc.

Nevertheless, with every change comes along its own pros and cons, and you definitely need to know the Advantages and disadvantages of employees working

You know how lots of people get overwhelmed with the thought of being on their own. It can get a bit lonely as well.

However, if you have the zeal for life, work hard and also enjoy your leisure time- homeworking is the answer.

It does require loads of discipline and commitment to put in requisite efforts but also not overdo it.

There is a tendency for workaholics to start early and never find a stop button when the day has started.

Lots of people get caught up for almost 24 hours. An important element of homeworking is clearly separating home life from office work.

Attitudes are changing towards homeworking.

Earlier you might have worried about what clients might think if you are a start-up and have a home office? Will they take you seriously? But now, there is a sea change in attitudes.

If you have a good product or service that has value and you can accomplish dishing it out no matter what, then who cares where you work from?

Employers and employees are taking homeworking seriously.

There are proven benefits to be received and in the current economy if some economies of scale can be achieved then why not?

Besides, you should certainly wonder if in this era of COVID waves/ Covid-19: Is homeworking a quick fix or a longer-term option?

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