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Story of Love, hope and care during corona times

I am Neeti N Keswaani, your host for Luxury Unplugged and this is a personal story of hope, resilience, FEARLESSNESS and inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic. So you might wonder how did it circle into luxury?

I am deriving inspiration from this quote I read somewhere…

“Treat lock down as Boon rather than Bane. This is a golden opportunity to have a great time with family… ” and that is LUXURY

About this Podcast:

It was a dark night. My mother’s life depended on that oxygen cylinder.
I was supposed to fetch it from the other end of the city with longest name.
And no, this is not the scene from a Bollywood movie.
It is very much real-life story….My story
Against a hazy, grey-black sky, the trees on the road ahead cast an impenetrable tremble in my heart
It was not that roads were not known to me or the place was just way out in the jungles
But it was the time of the night…the most peculiar
Now, If someone you know had corona, especially during the peak time that was in April 2021 in India you know that the condition of the patient was deteriorating very fast.
Actions had to be taken very quickly and that too right one
And with medical science still learning about it, doctors also were struggling with how to combat the situation
Stress and anxiety was all around
Every other what’s app message was about someone’s sad demise
There was a hue and cry everywhere and people were calling frantically each other for help…
Money was just being poured into hospital bills and beds and oxygen cylinders had all become hard to find.

But I am speaking to you today to let you know that where there is a will, there is a way. ANd it all comes by being Fearless.
Inspiration has come today to tell you about this experience so here goes

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