Episode 22:Growth Mindset Series: How To Set Your Goals And Achieve Them | LUXURY UNPLUGGED PODCAST - Plush Ink Episode 22:Growth Mindset Series: How To Set Your Goals And Achieve Them | LUXURY UNPLUGGED PODCAST - Plush Ink

Episode 22:Growth Mindset Series: How To Set your Goals and Achieve Them | LUXURY UNPLUGGED PODCAST

Episode 22:Growth Mindset Series: How To Set your Goals and Achieve Them | LUXURY UNPLUGGED PODCAST 1

How to set goals and achieve them: a  Buddhism guide

How to set your goals and achieve them: a Buddhism guide to setting goals and achieving them

How to set your goals and achieve them: a Buddhism guide to setting goals and achieving them

There are so many teachers, life coaches, business coaches with one mission Of helping their audience to not only have clarity on what goals they want to achieve but also Provide step by step process of achieving these goals.

While all the efforts and the coaching styles are much appreciated by their tribe, today I bring to you WHAT Nichiren Buddhism says about setting and achieving goals Frankly, the teaching isn’t much different from what is being taught by the learned teachers today but I feel there is much to be learned from the hidden gems of Nichiren Buddhism which sort of works like magic for its followers.

Get Inspired

Process to Achieve your Goals

So, let’s get started…

Let’s say you goal is to be hired at this design firm on July 14 and wear this outfit on my first day. 

Or a general feeling: I want to feel calm in these times.

So  Goals could be around any aspect of your life

They are a picture of the future we want that we paint with our hearts and minds. 

Neither chance nor external forces write the script for us; we do. If our life is like a movie, then writing down our goals is how we write the script. Dr. Gail Matthews did a study of 267 people and divided them into two groups: people who wrote down their goals and people who didn’t. The study showed the people who wrote down their goals were 42% likelier to achieve them.

A dream is something you

Buddhism teaches that wisdom and ingenuity come from effort. That success is just another name for repeated, tenacious effort. Though it can feel impossible to keep up, each of us is capable of it when we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and tap into our Buddhability.

Small Goals Add Up to Big Ones

Within each big goal are many smaller, daily goals. Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda writes:

Small things matter. Right or wrong, small things accumulate and lead to a major difference in the results. That’s why the best way to achieve your important future goals is to pay careful attention to your minor daily challenges and triumph in each one of them. Nichiren Daishonin writes, ‘If a person cannot manage to cross a moat ten feet wide, how can he cross one that is a hundred or two hundred feet?’ Small challenges, small successes, repeated again and again, become great victories and flower into a life of glorious success.

Why We Chant for goals

If you chant for something specific, and get it, then you will have actual proof that the practice works. This is compelling and makes you want to chant every day. Many people who practice will tell you that they wouldn’t consider skipping chanting, whether they feel like it or not. Life just works so much better.

After you’ve chanted for a while and proved the practice to yourself, then you can chant with or without goals. Chanting always will enhance the quality of your life but if you need something specific to happen, then chanting for a goal is a good practice.

Try Setting A Goal

Why don’t you try setting a goal and chanting for it for 90 days? If it doesn’t work you have nothing to lose but what if it does………….

Making a Determination

Feelings long dormant returned. One of these was a belief in himself. He became absolutely determined to achieve his career level job, to leave behind his marginal lifestyle.

Deepening Faith

He deepened his practice chanting more and more frequently behind the wheel of his truck, as he made his rounds, sometimes for many hours a day. He attended meetings and listened to experiences for encouragement. He chanted many hours on the weekend as well.

Taking Action

He put out applications all over town. He followed up the applications with many interviews but didn’t land a job. More months passed

Then Mark interviewed for a position that was the kind of job opportunity he wanted. He would have health insurance, and shares in the company. He could build something in this company. To his dismay, someone else was offered the position, but he understood why that person was chosen from a friend who worked there.

Never Give Up

Keep Going No Matter What

Hitting a wall is actually proof we are truly challenging ourselves. Even if we don’t hit the goals on our timeline, the fact that we are disappointed means we truly care and are moving in the right direction.

Everything Will Move You in the Direction of Happiness

You can count on the fact that once you start to pray about something all of your prayers will move you in the direction of happiness, even though sometimes it might not appear that way on the surface. When you chant Nam-myoho-renge –kyo you will definitely gain the best result. If it seems to take a long time to achieve your goal, you may be dealing with something at the root of your life.

Set your goal, chant, identify the problem, make a determination, deepen your faith, attend meetings and get encouragement, take action and never give up until you achieve your goal.

In Summary:

Steps to Achieve your goals:

  • Identify the problem
  • Make a determination
  • Deepen your faith
  • Study/ Research
  • Take Action
  • Never give up


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