7 Tips For Creating Green Workspace At Home 7 Tips For Creating Green Workspace At Home

7 useful tips to create a green workspace at home

7 useful tips to create a green workspace at home 1
7 useful tips to create a Green Workspace at Home

We have now been living at our homes in our personal workspace for a while owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and have formed entirely new routines where we work from the comfort of our houses. Some might want a beautiful workspace and some might Green Workspace!!!

Let us acknowledge and try out some of Home Styling and tips to create our own Green WorkSpace.

You can find more about how WFH culture benefits us here.

This might just be the best time to finally put together a home-office space for your own use but still would be wanting things in certain ways of your choice for a Green Workspace.

Putting together a Green Workspace or home office and using a specific room or a nook where you are going to be working, automatically makes your brain associate being productive with your presence in that designated space.

Studies have shown that your physical environment has an impact on your productivity and the quality of work you do.

It is therefore quite important to pay attention to the surroundings or workspace you are working in and ensure that they are not taking away quality from your work or distracting you and reducing your productivity and your ability to get work done altogether.

You can read more about how and why the aesthetics of our homes make an impact here.

With our time being entirely our own, this is the perfect hour to put together an office Workspace for yourself; one that serves you, your personal needs, and comfort

The biggest advantage to catering a personal Green workspace is that you know exactly what you need and the style you want to adopt. You can customize your space to reflect you, even have fun with it to help you remain calm and happy when you use it. 

Putting together a workspace comes down to the things you cannot do without in an area meant to serve as a workstation. Another thing you might want to keep in mind when you are putting together your very own home office is to make it a green workspace and environment-friendly workspace.

Green workspaces are ideal to work in because of the conscious effort behind putting them together to make the least possible negative impact on the environment.

There are effortless ways you can incorporate environment-friendly practices into your ideal Green Workspace.

The best part? Creating Green Workspace might not be as difficult or strenuous as you think!

Here are seven different ways you can build yourself a functional home office with a Design Style that is a Green Workspace and easy to create.

1. Invite Nature In With Some Sunshine

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We might not be able to go outside but nature can easily find us in our houses if we let it enter in and give us a feeling in our own Green Workspace. 

Well, you can give it a start with a little wall paneling ideas, starting with Wood Panelling. Check this out!!

So open up all the windows and let the fresh air and the warmth of the sunlight in. Try to not use electric lights during the day as it is quite unnecessary and harms the environment.

Switch off all the electrical appliances, lights, and fans in your house that you do not need running. Soak in some Vitamin D and let your house air out, ventilation is important in keeping a healthy and clean atmosphere within the house itself as well. 

As for your Green Workspace, try to set up in a place where there is ample sunlight during the day so that you can benefit from daylight savings, and also help the environment.

Soaking in the warmth of the sunlight will keep you both happy and healthy while you work towards your professional success in your newly built home-office.

2. Choose Furniture Ideal For Your Green Workspace

The furniture you put in your Green Workspace will make the space what it is, it will give the corner the definition, and the aesthetic that comes with your choice of a chair and a desk.

 Make sure that you use furniture that suits you, fits the room and will provide maximum comfort and functionality for your work as a Green Workspace.

A computer desk is a must-have: you need a sturdy surface to work on and keep your laptop, documents, stationery, etc. Choose an option that will not occupy a lot of space and will fit well into the area and the aesthetic that appeals to you.  

Next is an office chair. Make sure you opt for maximum comfort with this one as you will be spending a lot of hours sitting there and working in it. 

There are different types and styles of office furniture for you to peruse and pick from, you can do it from your own home and get it delivered.

If you’re not sure how you want the space to look yet, you can hop online and search for home-office space and find some great ideas for all types of spaces.

Pinterest is a great way of finding some inspiration for you to decide what type of office you could build for yourself and you can see how people have managed to transform even small spaces into functional home offices that are green and environment-friendly.

You could buy yourself furniture from Pepper fry or Amazon and get your home office up and running soon!

3. Let Plants Thrive In Your Green Space

Another way to incorporate going green when building up your home office is to quite literally bring the green indoors with plants! Plants make for a great decorative piece for your space and are easy to adjust and fit into the space available according to your layout. 

You can bring in a combination of big plants and various small ones that can be put on the desk or the floor, you could even make a hanging arrangement for those plants and make a DIY pot hanging using things around your house.

 It would be smart to ensure that you do not use plastic pots or any other non-biodegradable material to keep the plants in and keep true to the pledge of going into a Green Workspace with this home office.

Here are a few plants that would make for a good option to bring into your space. 

4.Go Paperless!


Now that you are working from home, all your official memos and assignments are made available to you online.

When you put together your workstation you should take it upon yourself to go for the eco-friendly alternative and try not using paper. However much you can manage to avoid printing things or writing them down is better.

There are many great digital options available for you to use to take notes, add bookmarks, draw, suggest changes and give remarks.

You can even take notes on digital copies of documents, highlight words, add comments, and have much larger accessibility with digital documents would give you a perfect feel of a Green Workspace.

If you do have to use paper try to not waste it, use both sides of it. You can even recycle paper at home and reuse that. This how you do full justice to your Green Workspace which would be totally eco-friendly.

 Recycling paper is a fun and easy way to contribute to sustainability. If you want instructions to learn how to utilize used paper or to make your own recycled paper, follow this link.

5. Go For Green When Choosing Stationery for your Green Workspace

blue covered booktok

Choosing stationery that suits your needs is a practical necessity.

But you can ensure that the stationery is sourced from an eco-friendly process, is biodegradable in nature, and is sustainable for the environment since you are creating a Green Workspace. This needs to be totally environmentally friendly.

There are many fun green stationery products available.

One of such popular options for green stationery is pencils that have seeds for various vegetables in them, you can plant them in the soil once you’re done with the pencil and nourish your vegetable seed to grow into a healthy plant that bears vegetables, how cool is that! 

Try to look for stationery supplies that are made from recyclable materials when you’re stocking up.

Stationery that can be refurbished into something useful, ones that do not generate unnecessary waste which cannot be discarded is a great step to take.

6. Check For Manufacturers And Get Information


Information is key, especially when it comes to the products you are consuming. It is wise to get all the facts about the products you buy and become conscious of the impact you have on the environment.

 Instead of getting supplies from corporate giants which do not shoulder their responsibility towards the environment try to switch it up. 

Be on the lookout for the smaller businesses which provide a better quality of green products and make a conscious effort to best the role they play.  

A little research goes a long way, you can even find local businesses to support and take the motive of going green home into your own workspace.

Also, you can give it a try with your own crafting ideas, here you go!!

7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and More


Making a habit of buying refills of ink cartridges instead of throwing away the pen when you are done with it, writing on both sides of the paper, turning the use of paper to write things down to a minimum, and swapping it out with electronic methods are some sustainable ways to inculcate few eco-friendly habits in your work routine.

Recycling materials you already have and giving things a new purpose that will make them functional again is a great way to add a personal touch to your home office without adding to the damage being done to the environment.

Reusing things is a great way to make a lot of custom stuff by spending nothing and costing nature nothing.

Analyzing your needs and looking for a smart, environmentally friendly way to fulfill them while consciously reducing the amount of stuff you buy will bring out a major change in the way you construct your space.

You can always find much more innovative ways to keep adding sustainable living practices into your own routine and let them seep into the other rooms of your house as well.

Companies have started to realize how big of impact office spaces have on their employees and their work, and also the impact that they leave on the environment.

The corporate sector is trying to inculcate more eco-friendly practices into their spaces and make office spaces more open; trying to create offices that do not make a negative impact on the already deteriorating conditions of the environment. 

Starting a home office is a new beginning for all of us and inculcating the right habits from the beginning itself is a great way to ensure our exponential progress.

The environment is at the very worst level it could be at and while the giants fight it out over the policies and even over the reality of the very existence of an environmental crisis, we can play our parts and ensure that our chic workspace maximizes our productivity and minimizes the environmental impact.

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