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The best time to visit Kenya

Kenya’s spectacular landscapes and phenomenal wildlife experiences make it worthwhile to visit throughout the year. The best time to visit Kenya depends on what you’re looking to experience and witness during your time there. The climate can be somewhat erratic, with the wet and dry seasons often overlapping. The most recommended season to visit the country is during the dry season which coincides with the Great Migration of the wildebeest and zebra. Here are all the essential details you need to know on the best time to visit Kenya.

Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

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What is the best time to visit Kenya?
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What is the best time to visit Kenya for safaris?
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What is the best time to visit Kenya?

The best time to visit Kenya is from July to October. For those looking to witness the magic of the Great Migration, this season is ideal. These months are also a good time to experience many cultural events such as the Maralal Camel Derby– a day-long camel racing event in Samburu County, the East African Community Arts Festival JAMAFEST, which takes place every two years, or the Safari Sevens– an annual rugby sevens tournament hosted by Nairobi.

The dry season from mid-December is also a good time to visit. You might also get a chance to spot newborn animals such as baby giraffes and zebras. Besides safaris, you can also join in on the country’s many cultural festivals such as Jamhuri Day (Day of Independence, celebrated on 12 December every year), Rusinga Cultural Festival that celebrates the culture of the Abasuba people, Beneath the Baobabs Festival– a music festival in Kilifi, or ring in the New Year with festivities at Mombasa Beach.

January, February and March are good for safaris, but also for hiking in places like Hell’s Gate National Park, mountain climbing, snorkelling and diving at sites such as Watamu, Kisite, and Kiunga. In February, you can experience the Mount Kenya Festival, which is a celebration of the country’s highest peak. These months also mark the peak season, drawing in larger crowds and leading to higher hotel and safari rates. The end of March marks the onset of the rainy season and it is best to plan your trip before that.

Temperature throughout the year

April to June: Heavy rains (25°-27°)
July to October: Cool, dry and cloudy weather with a few wet spells (20°-26°)
November to mid-December: Rains (24°- 30°)
January to March: Hot, humid and dry weather (25°-30°)

What is the best time to visit Kenya for safaris?

While wildlife viewings are great all year round, the end of the wet season around mid-December up till March are particularly exceptional for wildlife sightings. Gods and clouds permitting, you can take in the sight of migratory birds amidst the lush-green landscapes at Masai Mara. January and February are usually the hot and dry months of the year, so animal sighting should be clear and easy during this time. On your safari, you will be able to spot the big five–the elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion and rhino along with other animals such as the spotted hyenas and big cats such as the jaguar and black panther. Kenya is home to 54 national parks and reserves, and depending on which one you go to, the safaris can last from three to four hours or the entire day.

What is the best time to visit Kenya for the Great Migration?

For wildlife enthusiasts, we’d definitely recommend planning a trip to Kenya around the Great Migration in the months of July to October, where you’ll get to witness over two million wildebeest, zebra, and other herbivores such as gazelles making its way across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. Although July and August may encounter a few wet spells, the general lack of rain draws various animals toward the watering holes, making wildlife viewing easier. If you want to witness a sea of pink, you can also visit Lake Nakuru at the Nakuru National Park to spot flocks of flamingos.

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