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How Covid times are reshaping these spaces

  Le Corbusier once said, “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light”.

Art and architecture are talents that are meant to be flexible not just according to your experience but also according to your needs. An excellent architect must be able to balance their creativity with the needs of time and people. With the emergence of pandemics, the world began to close in on itself, and architects sought to create spaces that would welcome and provide for everyone. Whether it’s spacious hospitals, well-ventilated living spaces, or an encased workstation, architects have always come up with innovative concepts to fit the changing times and as a result, their work infused soul into their ideals. Let’s explore how Covid times are reshaping these spaces…

As the Coronavirus started to spread over the world, the world found itself confined. With people going back in their cells, hospitals being overcrowded and the economy going downhill, architects found themselves at a difficult juncture of their careers. But nevertheless, they shaped their choices, ideas and made a flexible turn. Instead of just sitting back, they did what they do best: They built the space that people needed.

With upgraded style, views and structures they created spaces that not only matches the current demands of time but also focus on the design that enhances the experience of living in.

And so we bring you today four such architects and architectural design studios that are revolutionizing architecture in their own ways despite the setback of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Hiren Patel

For over 3 decades Hiren Patel is known to be an excellent residential architect who could breathe life into his designs. Initially started as a small firm Hiren Patel Architect, Hiren grew his base with his fluid artistic talents & soon became a renowned name in Gujrat.

For every residential building, Hiren designed, one can vividly witness the love of nature and art in his creation. His eye for a green space continues to make him stand out in busy cities like Ahmedabad. Creating a serene space close to nature among flashing city with longest name lights is his forte.

How Covid times are reshaping these spaces 1
Image 21 – Transparent spaces surrounded by nature ©Vinay Panjwani

What’s more remarkable is that the artist in him isn’t limited to building designs. Patel also transforms his paintings into rugs, which adds to his aesthetic value, making him flourish through and through his career.

FORUM aDvaita

With in-depth knowledge in the field of architecture and interior designing, Aman Sohal is an excellent architect who extends his work field to Commercial, Residential & Institutional projects.

Sohal after having worked with reputed architects like Pritzker Prize jury B.V Doshi, started his own firm named FORUM aDvaita.

FORUM aDvaita works closely to connect architecture with art and its true essence. It believes in creating spaces that are soulful enough to connect the internal space with the outer, which creates a oneness of elements.

How Covid times are reshaping these spaces 2
Aman Sohal, Principal Architect

Known for its ideologies and designs, Forum Advaita leaves its signature in every project. One such notable project of theirs is New Public School. The structure of this school’s wing is designed by the skilled team of Forum Advaita. It is spacious enough to handle a large number of pupils and also has wide open spaces to let natural light in, making the environment more vibrant.  The rooms are designed in a variety of shapes to fit a diversity of requirements and purposes. The design is not only appealing but is also functional. The property is crafted to be vibrant and utilitarian.

The studio continues to heighten the experience of living with each of their project that believes in connecting natural elements with their design and creativity.

Furnish M.E architect

Furnish M.E Architects is an architecture and interiors firm that is situated in Delhi. It is a group of young architects who work together to create smart, functional, climate-responsive spaces that are enhanced by intangible senses of emotion and feeling. The team strives for sustainable innovative design and to provide the finest service to their clients. This very environment loving nature of their projects is appreciated not just in Delhi, but also in cities like Patna, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Amritsar, Chandigarh & Indore.

How Covid times are reshaping these spaces 3

They have worked in various projects in areas of healthcare, Residences, Housing, and Corporate Interiors and so on, and with time and experience the team boosted their skills and expertise to create spaces that are not just contemporary enough to fit in standards of the time but also sustainable in nature. Their attentiveness towards the environment and its sustainability is what makes them stand out and let them push boundaries of architecture and creativity.


Planet Design

Started in 2014, Planet Design grew its reach over years. Despite being based in Ludhiana, the firm has developed projects for many cities of India.  Over years they have developed designs for commercial, residential and retail sectors. The impressive team of Planet design, manage interiors, art, design, remodelling just as the client visualized and does all this while maintaining their signature style.

How Covid times are reshaping these spaces 4

They create flexible, luxurious spaces with a touch of cultural ideas and with the support of consultants and designers, the team successfully bring their plans to life. For such sensuous architecture and premium style, Planet design remains India’s award-winning Architecture firm.

With changing times, style elements, views and structures are evolving and hence the spaces that these architects are creating, not only matches the current demands of time but also focus on the design that enhances the experience of living in.

Keep coming back for more as we feature some interesting projects in Architecture and Interior design!

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