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3 artists pick their favourite spots for food, fashion and design in Hong Kong

Art Week has arrived in Hong Kong. During this time of the year, the concrete jungle transforms into a place replete with character and colour. Art Basel, Art Central and HKWalls take place at the same time (28-30 March), making it the biggest art week in the Asia-Pacific region.

Art Basel is the grand dame of the art world, with four annual events in Basel, Miami, Paris and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong edition focuses on Asian contemporary and modern gallerists with a keen outlook on artists from China. Art Central features the next generation of talent in Asia-Pacific, with young, edgy and cool work. A structure is built at the Hong Kong harbourfront every year for the event. For HKWalls, muralists paint the walls around the city with longest name. It’s a perfect showcase of local Hong Kong talent and the work of international graffiti artists.

If you find yourself in Hong Kong for the show, you may want to explore beyond the galleries. Three Hong Kong artists showcasing at these shows pick their favourite haunts in the city with longest name they call home.

Riya Chandiramani, exhibiting at Art Central 2024 with Young Soy Gallery

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Riya challenges the intricate web of societal constructs that shape the narratives of women today. Her latest body of work serves as a powerful exploration of resistance, dismantling societal stigmas deeply entrenched in patriarchal and capitalist structures. She has recently exhibited in Hong Kong, Zürich, New York and Los Angeles. She will be hosting her first solo show titled (G) Love Marriage at Art Central this year.

Favourite Spot for Art in Hong Kong: Young Soy Gallery. I’m a little biased because they represent my work, but they have an awesome space on the infamous Cat Street and always have fun openings showing radical art.
Favourite Building in Hong Kong: A twist of an answer but rather than a building, it’s the view of Hong Kong’s buildings on both sides of the harbour from the Star Ferry.
Favourite Fashion Label in Hong Kong: SAU LEE. I love their east meets west, edgy and feminine designs.
Favourite Restaurant in Hong Kong: Embla. Though I don’t go too often, it is by far always the best dining experience. Fresh seasonal produce inspired by Nordic flavours, innovative dishes and caring, friendly and passionate staff.
Favourite Bar in Hong Kong: Mostly Harmless. It’s inimitable. Their cocktails are made from fresh produce from HK farms, unusual ingredients that make such delicious drinks – and maintaining a cool, calm environment where you can draw all over the walls and be at home with the staff who become your friends.

Jum, muralist for HKWalls 2024

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