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This villa in Anjuna, Goa, is big on the little things

I’m in the heart of Anjuna in peak season and there’s not a tourist (or anyone else in sight). In today’s Goa, can there be a truer luxury

My oasis of quiet is The Orchard Manor, a 12,000-sq ft, six-bedroom mansion that holds within it an eclectic mix of Art Deco furniture, auction house pieces, curated art, and the promise of a good vacation. 

The Orchard Manor, Anjuna

Orchard Manor, Anjuna

My first thought on entering is how beautifully it embraces openness, welcoming natural light from all sides. The hall has a high ceiling and meanders around a dining area, kitchen, and bedrooms. Outside, a porch skirts the house, overlooking a small lawn and a pool. There are six bedrooms, equal in size but unique in design, decor, and art. The two rooms on the ground floor have easy access to the garden and feature indoor and outdoor baths. Upstairs, accessed by a wooden staircase, are three rooms with enclosed balconies and a long, shared verandah. Another flight of stairs leads to the penthouse, which has its own outdoor balcony.     

Pool at The Orchard Manor

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