Powerful Money Attraction with Meditation prayer | how to use Ho’oponopono prayer to attract Money

Powerful Money Attraction with Meditation prayer | how to use Ho'oponopono prayer to attract Money 1

Ho'Oponopono For Money

Are you someone who is facing financial challenges or anxieties?

Are you someone who is experiencing repeated patterns of financial challenges?

Are you being chased by debts? Or are you struggling to invite more money to bless your life?

Today we are going to tell you how to use Ho'Oponopono prayer to attract Money

And we will also cover one missing aspect, an aspect that is mostly overlooked even when we might be doing hoponono prayer for money

Before we begin, say with me

With gratitude and excitement, I welcome the flow of wealth and prosperity.

Next, use this video as practical way of practicing the prayer

Those who are meeting me for the first time,

I am Neeti Keswani, your self mastery coach, host of luxury Unplugged and I am the author of bestselling book “live you Dreams”

So let’s get started:

Hoponono prayer is a cleansing prayer to the universe or God to cleanse your past data, your memories, your thought patterns on money challenges. Whatever we say, feel think and believe we manifest.

And Money is also something we manifest based upon what we think and believe and feel. Often the challenges related to money are unconscious. Meaning you are not aware of why you are in this situation because on the face of it you are doing everything in your practical day to day life to stay afloat. Then why are you facing these challenges?

Let’s cleanse these with the Hoponono prayer.

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