5 Postnatal Yoga Postures For Core Strength & Flexibility 5 Postnatal Yoga Postures For Core Strength & Flexibility

Postnatal Yoga for Core Strength & Flexibility

Postnatal Yoga

Yoga on the hill

It is not like it could be done once and done… it is a choice that I make every day to perform Postnatal Yoga. It is an ongoing series of choices, a practice, a lifestyle, a developed pattern of behavior that returns to us the gift of life.

 I feel that motherhood is a journey. It is not a single race that you win, and that’s it. As I realise this, I give myself permission to be me.

Postnatal Yoga is a constant process, ever-evolving. So I stop at times and take a breather. 

Yoga to lose pregnancy weight was a challenging one. After Kartikye’s birth, I have slowly got myself back into the Postnatal Yoga routine. One of the good practices I picked up during pregnancy… Sometimes I drive down to this green hilly area just a few miles away from my home and yet it gives me a good view of the rolling British countryside. I love doing Postnatal Yoga here in the greens as I feel more vibrant. 

As I lay down my mat and do my yoga poses and strengthening poses here… I start with meditation. Breathe in. Five seconds. And Breathe out. Five seconds. In and out. In and out. Then slowly I am increasing the count after every fifteen breathes. I continue this for few more minutes. It is not like it could be done once and done… it is a choice that I make every day and willing to perform Postnatal Yoga as a routine.

It is an on-going series of choices, a practice, a lifestyle, a developed pattern of behavior that returns to us the gift of life. I am aware of my thoughts… watching them come and go. As I am now comfortable with the flow of breaths, I try to space out all thoughts. I have a sort of empty room in my imagination. 

My eyes are still closed, and then a thought comes… Are you enjoying doing Postnatal Yoga? Yes. Are you soaking in every bit that life is offering? Yes. Are you happy here or you are looking for something? I guess… I am looking for something… something which is an integral part of me… but not sure what it is… As I try to strain my focus on that thought, I sort of feel uneasy. And then, I remember my mentor’s words and I relax again through the flow of life doing Postnatal Yoga. Then I start

practicing my yoga poses and gentle Yoga stretches… very simple yet they stretch the limits from my headspace to my toenails. I feel rejuvenated and ready for the day. Breathe in and out. I am now relaxing into the flow of life… I have been looking at this piece of rock for some time now. My heart almost comes out at the thought of standing there… on that rock jutting out into the vast expanse… the lake beneath, and the hills around… and view the expanse of the valleys.

The rock is hanging onto the larger cliff almost magically… and yet it has roots all over it so it seems tied up to the cliff… for many thousand years… The greens around the lake are not that bad… I try to pacify myself… I can do Postnatal Yoga here. My Postnatal Yoga gets a boost too whenever I am here in the greens… But just imagine, what if I do the tree pose on that piece of rock? I almost have chills at the thought of it. 

But the excitement and zest for life that fills me is indescribable. What if it falls of at the very moment I go on it? And instantly, my thoughts get cast over by what lies ahead. I cannot even imagine the view around – standing on that cliff. The stones, the massive spread of greens, the hills and the water lake cast a magical spell on me every time I look at it. When I am here, I feel strength and vitality. I feel one with nature. Someday. I promise myself.

Someday. I will just get on that cliff and perform all yoga poses with such finesse that the valleys will smile. Today I just smile at the thought and drive off. I have to pick up Kartikye from his nursery. As I park my car in the garage and step into the home, my thoughts are meandering. My eyes are searching for something… yes, of course, my green diary, and there it is… lying on my bedside. I seek comfort in just sifting through it.

Well to perform yoga, you definitely need peace of mind and for that, a book titled, “Think like a monk” could be a good start…!!

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