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Latest Jewel for the festive season

The morning of any festival, wedding or ceremony is stressful enough for everybody, more so for the dazzling ladies.  How is that possible you may ask? Well gone are the days where you would wear simple gold jewelry. The definition for luxury and fashion has changed drastically over the years that one will have trouble trying to decipher the language on their own. The lanes of precious and semi-precious stones are soo narrow and twisted, that to navigate it you would need a good guide. 

So today, before we talk about the latest trends and fashion, you will need to know the different type of stones available. So let’s talk stones…

It comes in different hues; from pink and violet to a dark deep red. And all of this is due to the varying level of Aluminum Oxide in the mineral.  So what should you look for when you are buying ruby?

Colour quality, hue and tone, these are three important when choosing your ruby.  Usually, the moiré luxurious and precious rubies will have a milder to medium tone to them. Make sure to avoid the deep, almost black looking rubies when looking for them. 

Ruby Jewelry usually has a really regal look to them. These outstanding jewels can be matched and worn with almost anything. Wear it with a heavy Saree, or even with a minimalistic Kurta. It is assured that your Ruby necklace will steal the show. 

The slogan Go Green has never been so literal. The hyaline emerald stones that you see have a really rich hue and tone. Containing different minerals inside, the rich varying hue is due to the different quantity of minerals present.  so basically why should you even consider buying emerald for yourself or anyone else?Latest Jewel for the festive season 1

Beautiful emerald jewels, in the form of necklace, bracelets and even maang Tika have been very popular piece of jewelry.  The latest trends enlist both heavy and minimalistic looks. 

Chokers with diamond studded emerald are the talk of the season. Wear the emerald with your with a simple saree and look at how your look will change. Pair up the green stone with a contrasting deep red saree, or just wear it with a simple white kurta. 

Pearl is a very precious stone of the sea. Made up of calcium carbonate, perfect smooth finish that is associated with the stone is exquisite. Pearls are excellent for any occasion. Usually worn in formal events or functions, pearl necklaces are highly versatile. Mix and match them, wear them with other varying length of jewelry, anything and everything will look good with it. 


Diamond, a ladies best friend. Every girl and lady wishes that someday, her prince in shining armor will sweep her off her foot and gift her a diamond. Well this is the dream of almost everyone. So lets talk diamond. There are so many types of diamonds and cuts to those diamonds. And let’s face it; diamonds are the most precious of all. Going with almost all types of styles, you can style diamond with almost everything.  It makes for good formal wear, excellent informal wear, and exquisite traditional wear. 

Enough of the stones and their types, we are here to discuss the latest trends and fashion. Even though the jewellery industry is centred towards women, men have decided to catch up to them. So let’s discuss what the celebs are adorning.

  1. Statement Chokers
    like stated beforehand, chokers are making a statement. Chokers have been in circulation for a long time. They were known as the Goth Statement piece, but now, there is a choker for everyone. Wear it with heavy Banarasi sarees, or a simple silk satin saree.  If you are bold enough, mix up your Diamond choker with your office wear. For a more traditional look, you know for weddings, there is a huge range of options to choose from. Ruby or emerald surrounded by diamonds, now that is a show stealer. 
  2. Jewelry for your feet
    I know this low key sounds odd, but  we have been wearing anklets (payals) forever. So when the latest trend for your feet, ie. Shoe accessories came; it wasn’t much of a shock.  Let’s face it, the definition of jewelry now includes your feet and shoes.  A thin diamond studded thread has always been popular, but the more heavy anklets with different coloured stones have gained loads of fan following.  Wear it with your lehangas, or churidars, you will definitely dance your way into everyone’s heart.
  1. Pearl
    Pearlas are here to stay. They are evergreen and go with everything. There pearls will give off a more sophisticated and regal look to whatever you decide to wear. These bad boys from the ocean have proved themselves from time to time. They can be worn simply or with their friends, ruby and emerald.   Wear a minimalistic pearl stud, or a real collar necklace, everything will work out. Try out a Gold Cuff Bracelet in Pearl. This beautiful bracelet will look exquisite on your wrist, and make you stand out. 
  2. Jhumkas
    the traditional Jhumkas are the ladies favorite. These are a staple jewelry for all girls out there. Without them, the traditional look won’t be complete. This festive season, stock up on your jhumkas. Go for a more heavy and ethnic design. Try to include some of the more colorful stones to your wardrobe. This will create more inclusivity to your style. Like stated, Jhumkas are a staple jewelry for girls and without it, their looks are incomplete. 
  3. Statement Earrings
    Like how Jhumkas will complement your traditional attire, statement earrings will go with your modern wear. Statement earrings will definitely be a conversation starter to your party. Wear them to any party, or to your office. You will definitely be the showstopper everywhere. 

These are some of the more popular trends of the year 2020. Though there have not been enough occasions to but you best look forward, who says you can’t dress up for yourself?  This festive occasion, deck yourself up some precious and semi-precious stones, get your families jaws to drop, and stun your Instagram followers, because you will bring your best look forward. 

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