Home Decor and Interior Design trends 2022

Home Decor and interior design gives your apartment – structure and liveliness.

Not only does interior design define your home, but defines who lives there. Your aesthetics, sensibilities and pure love for a comfortable, chic and elegant space make it ‘your home.’  

Some of us seek high-end executive designs to match Kendell Jenner Tranquil Home’s affluent lifestyle, while others prefer a more basic, intimate environment for themselves.

Whatever the case may be, we have some fantastic house design ideas for you that will not only suit your lifestyle but also your budget.

It is no new concept that each one of us wants our space to stand out the most. And it is essential for your house to get a makeover to add fun elements to it.

Some of us wish to live in a house that reflects our grandiose thoughts and ideas that mirrors our image, while others believe in living in a minimalistic house that provides them with more sleek functionality.

Whichever it may be, each of us desires a space for our tranquility. living room transformation  

Invest In a Good Carpet

The majority of us want to live in a location that reflects our grandiose thoughts and ideas, a space that reflects our image. As a result, luxury houses and their interiors have long been fashionable. 

And what else could give your house a fancy look other than a rich smooth carpet that just elevates the mood? Living room rugs in 2021 have made an exclusive market for themselves with their dynamic new designs.

Here are some of our major recommended carpets that can give your interiors a posh look while not leaving a dent in your pockets.

Vintage Persian Carpet

  • The Persian-style rug gives off vintage vibes that will add a classic look to your rooms.
  • The soft texture of the carpet will provide you comfort from the cold floor.
  • It’s not just eco-friendly but also safe for your kids and pets.

Tufted carpet

A tufted geometric carpet is the best addition you can get for your modern interiors. The sleek geometry design along with its exquisite colours brings vibrance into your atmosphere.

  • Handwoven by master weavers
  • Stain and fade resistant 
  • Made from soft wool to keep your feets warm

Fur Carpet

Fur carpets have always been the most loved carpets. They go with every mood and tone of the house. Fur carpet can be the mst prominent feature of your household.

  • Soft comfortable and lightweight fur rug made from premium material
  • Easy to clean and vacuum
  • Simple but elite design for your space.

This winter 2021, bring home the comfort and warmth of cozy carpets.

Add a statement 

If you are looking for home decorating ideas, one step you should not overlook is adding a statement piece to your interiors.. Hang a classic painting or fine print to add colour and personality to your space. If you enjoy  discovering, owning, and collecting contemporary art from exciting artists all over the world, you must display it. These pieces of art will reflect your style, elegance, and ideas, and will make your home look like it came straight out of a magazine.

If you don’t already have a collection of paintings, you can easily buy art online and have it delivered right to your door. Here are some of our recommended pieces of contemporary art for sale that will brighten up your home.

D Tulsi’s Bells

This original hand painted painting is a modern Indian art that fits well with your living room giving out a very classy and traditional tone to your space.The lovely warm colors are welcoming and 

Sanjay Marathe’s Fine print

Next we have Sanjay Marathe’s Limited edition fine art prints and wall art named Pillars at Qutb

This adds indian hues to your interiors and exudes posh and elegance.

This fine print is ready to be mounted with a horizontal print that will add to the beauty of your interiors.


Kerela Mural wall art is appropriate for both contemporary and traditional settings. The unusual colour pairing makes it stand out in any setting. The painting provides a pleasing visual experience as well as a high-end appearance.

You can further explore art gallery online to select the perfect choice for your home.  

This January prep your house for new holiday decor, shop for different products at different price points to bring all of your pre-planned interior design ideas to life.
From grandeur designs to suit a billionaire lifestyle to sleek and smart modern interiors for the minimalists, you can design the canvas of your house that fits right with your taste. Add statements, change colours or do whatever you wish to create a space that gains you your tranquillity. Your interiors are fluid designs that flow well with your mood and tone of space hence make sure they embrace and reflect yours.

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