Top 5 Ways To Indulge Yourself Anyways...!!! It's Time Top 5 Ways To Indulge Yourself Anyways...!!! It's Time

Indulge Yourself anyways!

Indulge Yourself anyways!
You guessed it right! This podcast is about indulgence and how to Indulge yourself. Why do we have to wait to indulge ourselves only on specific days while we have been blessed with all days to feel special and make someone feel special!

Yes, this is what we are going to be talking about, ” how you can indulge yourself anyways”


Coming up 

Just around Valentine’s day, I noticed Google is flooded with things like: And there are so many five star hotels like
  • Taj Vivanta
  • Radisson Dwarka
  • The Hyatt Place
  • ITC Maurya
and boutique hotels promising a good time at their hotel… And one such caption led me to Make my trip and sneakily look up the deal at ITC Maurya. How can I really make myself indulge in this?? Now I am not someone who gets easily swayed by a deal…

usually, there has to be more to the story for me to get indulge in it.

and that’s what led me to find out when I went to ITC Maurya this weekend. You see luxury is not only about places and accessories…it so much more than what meets the eye…do you agree? You may get swayed away with the lavish manifestation but somewhere you know you can not indulge in this. Now this question arises, What is a luxury lifestyle? or Luxury Lifestyle: Your Guide To Modern Luxury Life… You would want to know…….
To know what is a luxury lifestyle, rather than a long para discussion, a few luxury kinds of stuff would be easy to understand and indulge.

Moving Forward, now here we have a list of 12 Items to Pursue a Luxury Lifestyle or indulge in a luxury lifestyle.

This is for you if you are looking for something unique, special, and exceptional. You must develop new environments that are appropriate for your high-end lifestyle and for Luxury Lifestyle ideas. Have you ever considered driving a high-end automobile, wearing a high-end watch, or owning high-end products? There are some one-of-a-kind objects that you should have to enhance and demonstrate your luxury lifestyle based on your specific preferences and interests or how you indulge? A luxurious lifestyle is about adding tremendous value to your life while also having your own touch in your stuff. As you may be aware, luxury products and items are more precious than the rest. So we chose 12 luxury items, including safes, the best yachts, wine and spirits, fine jewelry, and watches from well-known watch companies. You can indulge here yourself.
  1. Luxury house or bungalow
  2. Luxury and expensive cars
  3. Expensive art pieces for home
  4. Expensive and designer clothes and footwear
  5. Expensive branded watches
  6. Owned yacht  
  7. Expensive champaign and wines
  8. Expensive furniture
  9. Designer chandelier for living rooms
  10. Private jet
  11. Expensive business
  12. Expensive and lavish food
Well, do write in your comments and if you are having a strong opinion on this subject, we would like to feature you here…so in any case, write to us: [email protected]

So, coming back to my weekend getaway 

Luxury is about having an experience that makes you feel special… And so, I went on to Maurya to explore my tryst with experiential stay or shall I say ‘Responsible luxury’ like their quote? To my utter surprise the hotel lobby though luxurious, seemed crowded. There was this buzz in the air, don’t think it was plainly for ‘Valentines’  It was more so because it seemed like a good getaway. A good escape from the day-to-day routine, from what has been causing so much unnecessary stress because of this thing which came into the environments…it was an escape to fleeting moments of peace and tranquility…. to… something of an indulgence. And indulgence it sure was… Not only we were offered the best suite in the towers but also the hospitality was world-class. Like I mentioned before, I was here looking for a story…and I wasn’t disappointed. The story was about the culinary experience Bukhara’s menu has left many salivating for more… The most esteemed personalities like Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen have found themselves craving the famous dal Bukhara. And we were no different. The Cuisines, the authentic preparation, and the delight of dairy-rich ‘Dal Bukhara’ not to miss the kebabs just added to the flavor… And overall the sumptuous meal made us look expectantly whenever the guy serving us came up with more…because we knew whatever he is bringing is going to be simply delicious and exceed our expectations. Indulge Yourself anyways! 1 SO  I would say a luxury dining experience in Delhi at the famed Bukhara Restaurant at ITC Maurya Hotel is something about being Relaxed in style. After all, it is at one of the top-rated restaurants in Asia.  But I guess after savoring this awesome colorful meal full of flavors, I did realize I had my story…this story of culinary experience cannot be told in one of these podcasts…so coming up more…watch for it!

In the morning, while sipping coffee looking out the bay window, savoring the beauty of green Delhi, a coffee table book caught my eye. And the author, the avid reader in me could not lay hands off it…personally, the book came across as a collection of many art pieces and served as a brochure of many ITC  luxury hotels. Frankly, my take on this book would have been very different. I feel that books have the capacity to take you into a different world of their own and if it is a coffee table book then it has the capacity to enthrall your experience with pictures and words the works…

So if you are keen to get a beautiful book designed on your property, I am happy to offer you an opportunity to not only take a consultation but also help you create one… Anyways, back to the coffee and the morning… Of course, the breakfast fuels the entire day, and breakfast at Maurya’s was no different. It had all the flavors and cuisines that can make your tongue asking for more while your stomach refuses to delve anymore… As I looked around, I felt that Valentine just seemed to be an excuse by so many of us to feel pampered and at peace. Having said that, I have also gone into spells of conscious silence and peace as my work demands that I retreat to quieter places time and again… But these are the times of enormous growth and enhancement, and have more respect and appreciation for my family for being that and more… Whether it is about sipping tea or sitting in a cafe people watching, or roaming antique shops, or cozying up with a glass of wine and a lovely book -some of us have figured it…that luxury is not one fleeting moment of feeling special.  Because Modern luxury is not only about indulging in ways that thrill… But it’s also about luxury unplugged.  Honestly, given a choice between a one-time, big-time Valentine’s Day celebration and a lifetime of thoughtful and generous partnership on a daily basis, I would choose the latter. Most of today’s smart and savvy women would, too.

What would you choose?

Write to us in your comments and let’s have you here for a tingling discussion on Luxury unplugged

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