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Green Coffee: A Great Substitute for Green Tea?

Green Coffee: A Great Substitute for Green Tea? 1

Green coffee has become the buzzword in the health and wellness sector.

The new trending ingredient is said to have great antioxidant properties and metabolism-boosting capacity. Emerging swiftly as the star in the dietary sphere, green coffee was popularized because of its effectiveness in blood sugar and blood pressure levels. The un-roasted green coffee beans extract are also believed to be a great supplement for weight loss. Even Hollywood star like Katy Perry reportedly spoke in favor of the natural coffee beans and its benefits, shooting the ingredient directly to major limelight. It seems like a cool new year resolution, isn’t it?

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What actually is Green Coffee?

Simply put, green coffee beans are essentially regular coffee beans that have not been roasted. They are the raw seeds of the coffee Arabica fruit in their most natural form. The unprocessed beans are soaked to make a concentrated extract which is used as a dietary supplement worldwide. Green coffee can also be bought in whole-bean and consumed as a hot beverage like the roasted coffee. The normal coffee that we know about is the processed for which undergoes roasting until they turn brown. The multiple processes apparently destroy all the natural healthy chemicals present in the beans. The most active ingredient in the green coffee called the chlorogenic acid is removed during the roasting process. Therefore, it is recommended to swap your regular coffee and use green coffee instead of both commercial and personal use. All the health-conscious people out there, this is it!

Green coffee extract

Although, both the adjacents come from the same bean, green coffee extract is nothing like the other — both in taste and the way it is prepared.

Benefits of Green Coffee

Sure thing, green coffee extract actually has a very neutral taste i.e. it does not really taste like anything — not like the conventional coffee, at least. For convenience, you could blend it with a flavored supplement or powder to adjust the taste and reap maximum benefits. One could not afford to miss out on the uncountable benefits of green coffee extracts. The taste, for sure, is not going to be smooth and pleasurable as one would expect in the morning but the benefits are worthful.

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• The first and foremost benefit is the source of energy. Drinking it first thing in the morning works like miracles to your body and keeps you active for the whole day.
• It acts as a rejuvenation to your mind and soul, refreshes your senses, enhances your thought process and provides meditation without actually performing it.
• Green coffee bean extract has also shown to help in the weight loss program by maintaining the glucose homeostasis in the body and performing a role in fat metabolism. Green coffee contains Chlorogenic Acid that can increase the metabolic rate from 3% to 11%.
• It acts as a powerful appetite suppressant that can control unnecessary food cravings and overeating.
• Green coffee, as mentioned earlier, is also ultra-rich in antioxidants which slows down the aging process of your body and boosts metabolism.
• Besides reducing the harmful effects of radicals in our body, it is also a negative calorie food as it contains zero calories and consumes more calories from our body to digest.
• Green coffee also has effectiveness in blood sugar and blood pressure levels that can help in controlling type 2 Diabetes.
• It helps in increasing immunity and acts as a natural detox that purifies the liver from toxins and unnecessary fats.
• Regular consumption of green coffee regularly helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in our bodies.
• Green coffee beans have high levels of volatile materials that help in maintaining healthy and glowing skin and reduce various skin problems like dark circles and wrinkles.
• The antioxidants in green coffee can also help in making the hair stronger, shinier and healthier.
• The green coffee extract contains fatty acids and esters that help in skin nourishment and protects it from severe damage.
• It is also known to be a great cure for dull and acne-prone skin in the most natural way.

Green Coffee vs. Green Tea

Needless to say, green coffee vs. green tea has been the most debatable topic of the decade and it is difficult to say which is better. Whatever it is, Go Green is still our motive and is not going to cease any sooner. All the fitness freaks who avoid having regular tea and coffee in their daily routine choose to switch to green drinks but the question is which one to prefer?

  • It is true, both green coffee and green tea have some impeccable health benefits.
  • They help in the refreshment of mind and body, improve overall health, help burn fat as well as protect from aging and other skin and hair damages.
  • However, as per a survey, while talking about weight loss, people who are taking green coffee are having quicker results than people drinking green tea.
  • According to the study, when asked by several people, they very clearly said that green coffee is a lot more effective as weight loss results appear faster than in green tea.
  • So, in case you are wishing to go on with your discontinued New Year resolution, here is your magic potion!
  • Reduce weight quickly naturally with no rough and rigorous exercises or crash diets. Green coffee, hands down, is a great breakfast drink that is considered to be an aid in many more aspects of the health sector.
    So, yes! Green coffee is a great substitute for green tea if you wish to consume any green drink for weight loss exclusively.

 Green coffee beans extract are extremely popular as it promotes brain health because of its huge impact on a protein known as brain neurotrophic factor (BNF).

The protein plays a major role in behavior, learning, and memory.

Not just that, studies have found that the presence of a very compelling and active ingredient in green coffee beans called Chlorogenic acid has constructive impacts on the blood vessels which in turn prevents platelets from creating a congregate. As a result, the circulation of blood becomes smooth to a great extent and arteries do not harden. In simple words, it protects the heart and keeps it away from heart-related problems. In case you are wondering whether green coffee is caffeine-free, here is the answer! The green coffee extract does contain some caffeine in it. However, it is much less than regular coffee. Chlorogenic acid, being the main active ingredient of the green coffee, can boost metabolism up to 3-11 % which makes green coffee beans extract a win-win situation in any case!

So, now you know why it is valuable to have green coffee instead of green tea. All we got to say is, the choice is yours!

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