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Want a good night’s Sleep?

We all are aware of a famous quote that says,” sell a good night’s sleep-not the mattress.” This quote reminds us of a beautiful dream where the only necessary thing is to have a sound sleep.

Similarly,  investing in a good mattress will not only improve the quality of one’s life but will also save money at some point.

There are various firms and companies which are running to provide the best quality of mattresses keeping the primary focus of their customers which is the absolute ‘comfort.’

Centuary has launched  India’s first pocketed spring roll pack mattress, which is already a super hit!

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About the Centuary Brand:

The company has fashioned associations with significant internet business players for this online restrictive range of mattresses that offers prevalent quality with the extravagance in a la mode plan of mattresses.

The high-quality pocketed spring mattress will be compressed, rolled, and packed in an easy-to-carry box.

Everything the customer requires to do is simply unload it, unroll it, and sit tight for a couple of moments as it automatically decompresses making it advantageous to transport and handling.  The Rollpack range is accessible on Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, and Centuary’s site too. These Rollpack mattresses are manufactured at

Centuary’s manufacturing plants in Hyderabad. ‘Sleepless By Centuary Pocketed Spring Mattress‘ is a first of its kind mechanically prevalent mattress planned with independent pocketed springs, which guarantees zero movement transfer regardless of whether somebody is tossing and turning on the other side of the bed. 

Sleepless pocket spring mattress utilizes an advanced spring innovation with dynamic edge backing and rich PU (Polyurethane Foams)Foam comfort layer and blanket.

The ‘Sleepables’ range of mattress is accessible in all standard sizes of Single, Double, King, and Queen size beds with a choice of customized size moreover.

The sleepable range is accessible in 6 inches and 8 inches thickness with a starting cost of Rs 8,000 to 24,000 depending upon the size of the mattress.  Executive Director of Centuary Mattresses Uttam Malani stated, “Sleepables By Centuary is required to be the development driver for Centuary’s drive into Online deals authority of the mattress class, which is presently dominated by different unorganized players and private

labels. It additionally strengthens our positioning in the section of the unrivaled item arrangement since Rollpack spring mattresses need high-quality innovation that has never been sent in India before.” This brand is the fastest growing mattress brand in India giving tough competition to the other brands. This brand is managed by three generations of entrepreneurs and holds a leadership position in the market.

It has its presence across eighteen cities with more than 3500 retailers working in 300 showrooms and stores around the country. 

Key features:

Mattress Comfort: Soft Material: Pocket Spring, Green Gel Memory Foam, PU Foam

Hybrid Construction – with Cool Gel Memory Foam, High GSM Knitted Fabric, Removable Zip cover

Orthopedic Support and Comfort

Vacuum-packed, delivered in a Box and Made in India

Product Dimensions: Length (198.1 cm), Width (182.9 cm), Height (20 cm)

It is seen that Centuary as a company is the largest exporter of the rubberized coir from India which is exported to other countries like Russia, Greece, the United Kingdom, etc.

It is also the first mattress brand to launch and develop a baby mattress by the name “Beddy by Centuary.”

This means this particular brand is playing a leading role in the market. People are making a great word of mouth about this brand and likewise, this is expanding its business. It is also the first Indian mattress manufacturer to hold the certification of its quality management system.

Another fact is that it is the first company in India to birth innovative products such as Ortho foam or green gel technology.

Usage of springs at its best:

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The sleepable by Centuary is the first kind of superior mattress which is designed in such a way that its independent pocket springs ensure zero motion transfer even when someone is tossing or turning on either side of the bed.

This sleepable range is available in every size of the bed, be it king, queen, double, twin, etc. They adjust anywhere and everywhere. 

Benefits of sleeping on a pocket spring mattress: 

  1. The mattress remains “consistently firm” where it is hard to replicate its firmness. As it has individual pocket springs, it generally adds the level of comfort when sleeping.
  2. Unlike other mattresses when you take a turn where the bodyweight spreads across the surface, each of the confined pocket spring reacts independently giving a “zero movement transfer” and promoting a good night’s sleep. 
  3. It is often observed that people tend to have so many problems and only complain about the mattress that either they are too soft or too hard resulting in a severe backache. This can further result in giving an uncomfortable sleep helping life’s negative and stressful part to give more attention. The Pocket spring mattress is designed in such a way that each area of your body is “pressure relieved” and most often the orthopedic doctors recommend such mattresses to the people who suffer from such health problems. It acts as a “total pain” relief.
  4. Yes, the pocket spring mattresses are expensive and hard to move from one place to another but once purchased long lasts for a quite good time. With proper care and maintenance, it is absolutely a no surprise if your mattress lasts for at least a decade. So, if a person is looking to make a quality investment, then he should just not look back and shall wait for the fruit of which he first bowed the seeds. It is perfectly a no regret decision and is “durable” for a long long time.
  5. It gives “extreme comfort” and support for “all shapes and sizes.” This is because the pocket springs adjust to your body and therefore, indulge completely in providing the utmost comfort.
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What we love about the “sleepless’ 

  1. Global Quality – Made in India

Use of advanced materials and intelligent construction as per global benchmarks, produced at high-class manufacturing plants across India.

  1. Memory Foam

The special type of foam that molds itself as per the body shape, thereby eliminating pressure points.

  1. Orthopedic Support

Century’s Ulti-Matt Mattress Technology facilitates perfect spine alignment and body posture during sleep.

  1. Zero Disturbance Pocketed Spring

Individual Springs are encased in fabric pockets, where every spring act independently to support the body.

So there is always a good reason why most people think of buying a pocket spring mattress as these are quite well.

They are always worth spending on as they provide you with extreme comfort and the reviews are commendable.

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