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Future of Travel Industry when the World opens up

Future of Travel Industry when the World opens up 1

Covid 19 pandemic has impacted businesses in a larger way but as a result businesses are now forced to innovate and embrace technology like never before. Innovation and Creativity are no longer just ‘buzzwords’. They have become main stream and will continue to do so if any business wants to thrive in the current scenario.

Yes,  the travel & tourism industry is on its knees. The boundaries of the nation are locked. Airplanes are grounded. In seaports, cruise ships are docked. The trains are steady. Hotels are sealed. Restaurants are slowly opening up.  No one knows when the virus’s wrath will diminish; as there is no antidote in sight yet. People are tired of being cosseted in their houses. And as social distance becomes the new normal, people are increasingly having this strong urge to travel. And if they cannot take a break, they are thinking of taking their work along. And just here lies the opportunity.

 Such dire conditions have a silver lining. Staycations have evolved through customer segments as a common travel trend. In the luxury of a hotel room, the desire to detach from reality, or choose to discover one’s local community rather than move abroad, has made many visitors realize that ‘staying in’ has its certain beauty.

 In essence, staycations allow visitors to explore things in a more comfortable, easy-going way, a way to wind down without all the hassle of preparing the ideal itinerary or hurrying to catch flights to airports. With this ray of hope, this time to recalibrate and start afresh is a boon to hotels like Taj, Leela, Raddison, ITC, and Hyatt to introduce their new packages and attract the customers for a never experienced before staycation. 

A good number of hotels have come forward to portray a picture of an eye-catchy business to attract customers approaching their brands by giving them heavy discounts. This blog is all about the latest retreats offered by the best hotels for the much-needed break that we have all been craving. 

Taj Introduces Wellness Retreats

When it comes to an esteemed  name like Taj, they are making sure that they are a top notch brand. A place where luxury is the way of life and yes…even in the time of covid.

Their Jiva Spa is well known for its expertise deep-rooted in the Indian traditions of Ayurveda and healing. It is understood that to find your true self, one should begin with a calm mind and soul. This is what Taj offers its guests. The magic of “Jiva” is the Taj’s award-winning Indian and all-natural spas. Their spa treatments are with unique ranges that blend the age-old Indian healing techniques with the finest natural ingredients. They make sure that their guests revitalize in exquisite luxuries paired with the humble hospitality which they promise to provide. Some of the main wellness retreats in their list post the pandemic are “serene locations”, “authentic therapies”, “yoga and meditation”, “wellness cuisines” and so many immersive experiences. These have a combination of holistic healing techniques with a tint of serene locations indulged in providing the utmost comfort to the guests.

 All these treatments are performed under the careful consultation of experts which helps the guest to initiate the physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium. The locations are often beaches with beautiful sun-kissing the water, peaceful backwaters, snowcapped mountains without any doubts helping them achieve a peaceful mindset for the concerned hours of the mentioned activities. The wellness cuisines feed the utter nourishment of healthy food and the massage with calming oils gives a healing touch in every stroke. In short, it’s a soulful journey crafted for holistic rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit.

Anantara debuts in Seychelles

The first property of the group’s brand Anantara Hotels, Resorts, and Spas opened in Thai. Slowly and gradually, the business was expanded and it was seen that near March 2016, thirty-five hotels and resorts across Asia were opened. It’s part of a group called Minor International hotels and is expanded to several countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, U.A.E, Indonesia, Malaysia, Portugal, Qatar, Maldives, Seychelles, Vietnam, Zambia, and many more. The purpose is only to provide luxury with the utmost comfort. They have a beautiful slogan that says,” Life is a journey which is filled with opportunities to seek the exceptional, encounter the new, and widen the horizons.” The brand announced on July, 30 this year about its debut in Seychelles which will represent its luxury also complementing its existing locations.

Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas will add to the company’s existing collection of its Resorts mostly located around the Indian Ocean. The upcoming resort is situated on Mahe, the largest in the Seychelles islands with a short drive from the international airport. It is found on the south-west coast amongst 30 acres of beautiful forest garden cuddled between the island’s great granite rocks and a breathtaking gorgeous beach.

The resort secludes 30 private villas each with a committed and enthusiastic host available 24-hours a day throughout the stay. The host makes sure that the guest is provided with the best of everything with the undivided attention and super constant following the undisturbed privacy. 

When it comes to the interior and the architectural concept, it is designed by the two most highly respected luxury resort and hotel architects. The interior and the scenic beauty of the hotel reminds every guest what luxury feels like with a pinch of calmness and peace mixed in it. The property’s concept of “Beyond all Inclusive” offers unlimited dining, relaxation and exploration mingled with wellness and adventure. The services are beyond anyone’s imagination. Residents can choose from an exclusively provided menu as well as personalized off-menu with non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Scuba dive is fun and other non-motorized watersports are like icing on the cake. The villas are positioned in such a way that each one of them gives the best breathtaking views following the luxury

 The Spa is designed in a way with the country’s rituals which helps one lean into the utmost calmness of mind, soul, and body. The Bedrooms offer a big fat space with the best of bathroom amenities such as beautiful maxi-sized bath gowns. The bathrooms are with a glass-walled rainforest shower along with the outdoor sunken bathtubs. 

 It’s the choice of the guest, whether one wants to have the meal under the stars, eat inside the villa or on the beach. The choicest of the cuisines are available including Indian, Asian, and International cuisines. The resort also includes a commendable fitness center with a techno gym. As the resort is famous for adventure sports also, hiking in the forest and national parks add a plus point to the stay.

Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas will be the brand’s first property in Seychelles joining the two resorts in Sri Lanka, one in Mauritius, and three in the Maldives.

Leela Palaces and Resorts in partnership with Bureau Veritas India

One of the most reputed hospitality chains, Leela Palaces and Resorts has announced that they have decided to launch a new program known as Suraksha which is only aimed at elevating and promoting the sanitization procedures in partnership with Bureau Veritas India. The Hotel chain is all set to be on the draconian side of providing their guests and the staff the stringent measures to ensure their safety. Not only this, they have succeeded in introducing a bunch of health, hygiene, and safety measures under the SURAKSHA program. 

Some of the measures which they have pledges to take are listed below:

  1. Use of protective gear and masks
  2. Gloves while doing any work in every department especially the guest areas
  3. PPE Kits for all its associate
  4.  Regular temperature checks 
  5. Alarms to remind the staff to sanitize their hands regularly
  6. A frequent cleaning as per the state’s guidelines
  7. Sanitization of all surfaces across public areas at regular intervals
  8. Rigorous deep cleaning of the guest room areas with the application of disinfectants
  9. Cleaning of high-touch points such as doors, handles, tabletops, elevator buttons, railings, etc. 
  10. Deep cleaning of cars with the concierge team. 

These measures are strictly looked at by the Hygiene managers to ensure that every protocol is followed by every person on the premises. 

Check-Ins and Check-Outs

The Team has decided to work effectively so that each protocol is followed thoroughly. Every team member is seen wearing gloves and masks, sanitizers are placed on each corner of the reception desk, a bunch of masks are there in case if one forgets to wear the same in the lobby, separate key returning boxes are placed so that no one comes in direct contact of anyone, pens and keys are sanitized on daily basis. Furthermore, contactless check-ins and check-outs will be soon under the process where the payments will directly be via phones. Soon the chains are expected to have their online platform where a guest can web check-in himself at the provided check-in time. 

The new safety tools are masks and gloves. And no one even thinks of a break, let alone preparing for one. But well, here are some reasons for the travel industry to look forward to:

  1. Once started, the travel demand will be on a higher scale than ever.
  2. Such a crisis can help them gain more knowledge and information about their sector and the brands associated with them.
  3. The local travel will be certain and some progress will be seen soon. 
  4. More demand is directly proportional to more feedbacks and this way a hotel who could not do that good in terms of revenue, feedback, services, etc. will get a crystal clean chance to indulge in the setting up of processes again. 
  5. Any new process will be welcomed with open arms.
  6. The key role will be making a customer reach to a certain brand and making them a loyal one.

Social Distancing: To keep social distancing in mind, the hotel plans to redo its restaurant seating arrangement by providing an e-menu which is digital where it can directly be seen on the respective phones. This can be done with the help of bar codes, or the designed hotel’s link. 

Also, instead of newspapers, digital news, online platforms like Plush Ink and e-papers are becoming the new trend.

While post-Covid travelers are going to be far more cautious in every aspect, the lure of fun and blissful moments will drive most of the travelers to destinations they so want to talk about and muse over.

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