Feel the Creative Flow…

creative flow

Feel the Creative Flow… as Rhea explores her passion for fashion designing…

With my book ‘Live Your Dreams’, I had at my core, the desire to create content with a strong narrative. All this, while paying particular attention to how something looks and feels, even describe the silhouettes, the textures and the patterns that spell iconic!

The idea has been to create scenes with my words that showcase the fashion world to people who only dream of being in it.

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The world of fashion is ubiquitous to a lot of people.

Although fashion as a concept is common in the house of commons… I mean the general people.

Honestly, even I ended up writing about it almost by chance…when I let myself be. I wanted to showcase the metamorphosis my protagionist goes through in the book: Live your Dreams.

I wanted to show the creative flow that a designer goes through when she is sketching… So, Rhea actually plays the character of wannabe fashion designer stuck in a corporate setting who finally breaks the ceilings of  the society, education and expectations: in terms of what she can and cannot do.

To my mind, there is no better way than showing the flow of creativity other than exploring the design of some sort: be it fashion, architecture or interiors.

The scenes where Rhea starts illustrating and finds herself in a different world together are perhaps the best scenes of the books where the readers too, get immersed in the sea of colors and textures.

My Book and particularly Rhea, has made me explore fashion design in a totally fresh way as it has allowed me to undo the traditional and bulky barriers found and learned in traditional studies.

While writing this character, I felt one with Rhea, letting loose as a designer.

This meant being inspired in the moment, getting drawn to something exquisite and sort of working with that scene when the urge to use it arises.

I always love working with people and companies that bring that unique side to the table and want to explore an essential yet unknown bit of their brand.
I intend to bring out the quirk in every book, every article, every brand story that I tell.

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