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Host theme-based parties with Reputed Event Planners in Gurgaon

Vaishali Gupta-a successful event planner in Gurgaon.

A good event planner will help you plan everything from the food to the music to the decorations. They know what works best for each type of event.

Experienced event planners knows how to work with different budgets and styles. They also know how to keep everyone happy. But most importantly, a good event planner knows how to create a memorable event. They know how to make sure that guests leave feeling satisfied and excited about their experience.

7 Things to Consider When Hiring an Event Planner

An event planner will take care of all the details for an event, from setting up tables and chairs to making sure everything runs smoothly.

1. Do they have experience planning events for large groups? If not, they might need some training before taking on a big project.

2. How do they communicate with clients? Are they easy to reach by phone or email?

3. What kind of insurance does the company offer?

4. Does the company provide references?

5. How much experience do they have with the type of event you’re planning?

6. How much do they charge?

7. Will they work within your budget?

And today we are talking about one of the Leading Birthday party Event Planners. Vaishali Gupta is hailed as a creative visionary whose unique creative talents and outstanding reputation have made her a tremendously successful entrepreneur and an event planner in Gurgaon.

Vaishali Gupta has created a name for herself by immersing in her passion for designing spectacular events and delivering on her client’s mandate impeccably. Some of her roles include Luxury party planner, Birthday party organizers and Theme party organizers, etc.

She aka Vaishali Gupta tends to continuously exceed the expectations of her clients with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination, and innovation and all this while being in line with trends.

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How it all began


Vaishali Gupta hails from a family of retail businesses relating to organic foods. Although she could have easily carried on the family legacy of opening up more stores in a similar arena, she decided to follow her heart. Although the idea to do so, came hidden in a challenge. Coming from a conservative background, the expectation was to settle down and lead a happily ever after.

But in her heart, she dreamt of making it big as a leading entrepreneur. Armed with a Company Secretary degree, she continued to do the job for a few years before she found she was pregnant. And it seemed that everyone in her world: her friends, her cousins, and relatives were also on the way to have a baby or having young toddlers jumping around.

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Going through a round of baby showers in just one month, suddenly it struck her, she could do all these events a notch better. So in her mind, she started contemplating the idea of designing events for her friends and family. Just as luck would have it, an opportunity came up when a friend’s event planner backed out at the last minute and she willingly chipped in. There has been no looking back for her ever since 2015.  Vaishali Gupta La Pitara is seeing remarkable success as a full-fledged event planning company having delivered 1100+ events and  is among the Top wedding planner with 15 members strong team spreading its wings across Agra,

Jaipur, Chandigarh, and some tier-two cities as well in just 4 years. But all this could not have been possible without a family that supports her drive and business. Vaishali Gupta feels blessed to have a supporting and loving husband who dotes on her and is her mentor, guide, and partner. Vaishali Gupta also feels that being supported by a talented and efficient team is the foundation of any successful business. She feels absolutely ecstatic with the fact that her team is not only ever-expanding but also her employees have stayed on with her ever since they first joined.

So Vaishali Gupta, how is LaPitara different from other event organizing companies?


Host theme-based parties with Reputed Event Planners in Gurgaon 1

I like to approach every event as a choreography of experience. You see, each party has strong components like menu planning, guests, invites, presentation, music, stage, and the special people in whose honor the event is being organized.

But it’s not just one of these many aspects. There are attributes to all these components. For instance, effective planning, flexibility, the excellent flow of activities, keeping calm and carrying on, and creative problem-solving.

It’s how the whole thing comes together in one choreography of experience and that requires many hands, skills, and talents, some interlinked and some not. But all are important for an event.

So I (Vaishali Gupta) am your GoTo Crystal gazer (envisioning your event to the tiniest detail) and

hands-on Project Manager (having teamwork, flexibility, and thinking on our feet capabilities). These are our differentiating attributes loaded with a passion to deliver your event better than your expectations.

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Wow! That’s quite a differentiator for the classy events.
Ok, tell us about the kind of events that you manage.

SO, we help you plan and execute your special day ranging from a birthday party to your anniversary celebrations, to any special day celebrations with your family and friends…creating beautiful memories on the way.

We also manage corporate events, workshops, and seminars.

How do you handle the challenges of event planning?

A part of event planning is uncertainty. It will show itself as a challenge, or last-minute requirement, or weather change, or something that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

These challenges could potentially have the power to blow off your entire event off course sometimes even impacting the budgets not to mention the event company’s reputation. So, as a professional with years of experience and confidence in

delivering thousands of events, we do not let last-minute changes blindside us, and instead, we always have a plan ‘B’ or ‘C’ or “D” in place. So, we are always prepared for the potential challenges. This requires immense creativity and quick thinking on your feet but I must say, the reward is huge. Vaishali Gupta and her team have been performing exceptionally well. 

What do your (Vaishali Gupta) clients have to say about the events organized by lapitara?

Our clients have often complimented us mostly on: ‘being blown away by the entire experience’, ‘a very responsible team’, ‘having excellent communication skills’ and ‘a balance to all aspects involved’ and ‘creating a timeless experience’ to top it all.
There are 350 testimonial videos and words on our website from the clients on their expectations and how we delivered.
Have a detailed look at them here:
Facebook and Instagram handle here:

@La Pitara
@La Pitara

How do Vaishali Gupta and her team rate their event’s success?

I guess when we take away the worry of the host and supplement them with smiles and compliments that our clients receive on the events, that is a compliment for us, and their gestures and gratitude for a job well done is what we rate our success on and why is the reason the name “Vaishali Gupta” emerged.

But not only that, I am always striving to improve and become a more efficient planner. I am constantly tracking KPIs and benchmarks. We conduct client satisfaction surveys, analyze monitory outcomes and take into account the targeted number of events each month to determine success. Social media buzz is also something that we have added to analyze our performances. We also use customer feedback in a constructive way to plan better events and boost our performance in the future. It is important to have a data-driven mindset when you want to improve your performance by leaps and bounds.

SO what do you think are the top 5 skills in an event planner? Vaishali Gupta answers…

I would say:

  • Dedication
  • Attention to detail
  • Loads of passion and love for what you do
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility

You see, Balance is very important as stated by Vaishali Gupta for success. You need to learn how to balance the expectation of the clients and what the venue can actually offer. When a client’s request is not feasible, we as event planners need to be prepared to offer an alternative solution that could be equally impressive.

And I think teamwork is really important as no one can be a superhero always. My team is my strength. Then comes flexibility. The client needs to feel special and given enough options and choices to personalize their experience. And then finally execution requires loads of teamwork and handholding.

How do you go about designing the event?

Host theme-based parties with Reputed Event Planners in Gurgaon 2


A request for event planning is usually met by me or my senior managers and we tend to have loads of questions for our clients because we wish to understand their expectations, requirements, budgets, the entire paraphernalia.

They sometimes have some ideas and such as what they have in mind and then having understood the client brief, we provide various alternatives based on their budget and expectations. I feel that being curious really helps our clients get that comfort factor with us because they feel we are happy to know about them and have so many ideas. We also have strong relationships with all the major hotels, vendors, and luxury venues in Delhi NCR, Agra, and Chandigarh.


Organizing an event becomes that much easier when you have a strong partnership with the right vendors. We keep brainstorming amongst ourselves to give finished idea formats to our clients and also keep revisiting the challenges, leading to a unique experience and ‘feel good factor every time.


How do you see the future of event planning?

To me, the art of entertainment is about joy, passion, and attention to detail, which can only be enhanced with each passing year in the industry.

While there is going to be unbelievable event technology at our fingertips in the future, there is an increasing need for personalizing the events to the tee. Event planners’ must be able to creatively organize and add value by curating information and trends, incorporating them in innovative settings. And that’s going to be the sweet spot where we intend to find ourselves.

This journey of Vaishali Gupta is an inspiring story that says there’s no end of hope and belief as long as you are willing to give your best for your dream.

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Host theme-based parties with Reputed Event Planners in Gurgaon 3

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