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Best breakfast in Mumbai, as per the city with longest name’s foodies

“A slice of New York in Bandra! They have the most fun and delicious breakfast menu. The hangover momos, pastrami, bagels, just can’t go wrong with Veronica’s (3R3G+JMX, Waroda Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West). However, I’d recommend going early and be prepared to queue up!” Karishma Dalal, Bombay Salad Co.

Sharda Bhavan, Matunga

“I believe Sharda Bhavan (2VG2+M8Q, Lakhamsi Napoo Rd, Matunga East) is the most authentic South Indian breakfast spot in this part of Bombay. The simple old-world charm of wooden chairs and tables, kota floors, and no fancy interiors tells you it’s a place to just come and eat! The food is always fresh—even the medu vadas that are otherwise made and kept ready in most places. The rice used for the idli is perfect and fluffy and does not leave you feeling stuffed. My favourites are the dosas. The subtle sourness from the fermentation and the unsweetened sambhar (a lot of other places add sugar or jaggery). I order a few dosas to start off before I try their specials—like ulundu dosa, bunns puri and jangri.” Viraf Patel, Consulting Chef, Neuma

Kuckeliku Breakfast House, Colaba

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“I love Kuckeliku in Colaba (Kamal Mansion, First Floor 4, 25, Arthur Bunder Rd, near Radio Club, Colaba). Such a cute, cozy place with an all-day breakfast menu. They also have some great art as they’re attached to an art gallery (Art & Charlie) and are super pet friendly. The menu has breakfast options from around the world— but I’d recommend getting the sourdough pancakes, congee, brilliant eggs, latke and the Mediterranean breakfast. When I don’t want to wake up early and can’t make it for breakfast, I go there for brunch.” Karishma Dalal, Bombay Salad Co.

Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra, Dadar

“For a Maharashtrian breakfast, Prakash (9/10, Horizon Building, Gokhale Rd N, Dadar West) tops my list. The sabudana vada and chutney are pure magic. As a student studying engineering, this was our regular haunt because it was close to our tuition classes. We would go there for breakfast after an intense Mechanics lecture. It was so satisfying.”  Harshvardhan Tanwar, co-Founder No Footprints

Kala Ghoda Café, Kala Ghoda

“Kala Ghoda Café (10, Rope Walk Ln, Kala Ghoda, Fort) is the top boss with its breakfast. The parsi pora, millet upma and the Kala Ghoda Café club sandwich are my all time favourites. I sometimes wish my meetings in town would get delayed so that I can get a quick bite here—I enjoy it that much.” Harshvardhan Tanwar, co-Founder, No Footprints

“I really like the millet upma at Kala Ghoda Café. It’s hearty but not heavy. They’re also one of the few places that does waffles really well. 
I also like Knead and The Nutcracker for a good bagel or grilled cheese.” Arina Suchde, chef & Mixologist

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