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Plush Ink is no. 1 online content strategy scoping questions list platform focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your audience, and to drive profitable customer action.

Hi, I am Neeti Keswani, Author of Bestselling book ‘Live your Dreams’, founder of Plush Ink and your Information Designer.

Designers in any genre are the subject matter experts in what they do, be it fashion, interiors, textiles, graphics, etc.

Yes, as a designer I like to make things visually appealing to the eye, and that’s what I do with your information. Our goal at Plush Ink is to make your content useful (offer value), usable (provide easy access to value) and desirable (appeal to emotions), which are the three elements of good design.

Brands often strive to narrate their stories to the audience, while hoping to influence their thoughts. From creatively introducing concepts to being able to market a certain service, Plush Ink works closely With you to bring out the ‘why’ of the brand. We feel content in the luxury segment has to be experiential. Therefore, Plush Ink brings out the quirk or the aspirational aspect of your brand in words.

Plush Ink is the first step destination for all your content marketing requirements. Our blog is an attempt to show you lifestyle trends and wellness programs in times of quarantine and otherwise. We believe that mind-body-soul connect is the key to having a lifestyle of your dreams.

If someone you know designs beautiful spaces and creates a feeling of luxury by the way they arrange those art pieces, we create the same on paper. We create experiential content so that you keep returning back for an instant dose of panache.

Talk soon!

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