6 Ways To Improve Your Life Spiritually And Mentally 6 Ways To Improve Your Life Spiritually And Mentally

6 Ways to improve your life spiritually and mentally

6 Ways to Improve your life spiritually and mentally

Life these days has suddenly come to a standstill for many of us.

We seem to be caught up in the boredom that entails the day, but that doesn’t mean you can spoil yourself and there’s no way to start life and improve your life.

Talking of Spiritual and mental wellness, reading and making the best of Spiritual booktok that relate to it would be a wonderful start.

Check-in here….

We complain and whine and just pass the day in complete frustration with an occasional respite in perhaps a fun what’s app forward sent by a friend.

But what if we could flip our feelings around? Are there ways to improve your life???

What if we pass the day with a complete zest for life and occasionally get the feeling of boredom, if at all?

Yes, it is possible…even in times of quarantine…Here are some ways to improve your life, be it spiritually or mentally:

1. Smile when you feel negative feelings within.

The times that we are in is causing anxiety, stress, even deep sadness to some of us.

These negative thoughts and feelings try to creep into our minds and eventually in our hearts- Let’s not try to evade them and find ways to improve your life.

Acknowledge them and know that they’re normal.

So, allow them to be present for a moment or two but do not let them consume you.

Do not let them take over your mood for the whole day. Often, simply smiling the moment these thoughts come in is enough to make them fade away. This is one of the key ways to improve your life successfully with a little start.

Sometimes, it is hard to smile when you have so many tensions brimming in your heart, but try forcing yourself to smile in that very moment and see how your worries simply vanish away…at least momentarily.

Smiling brings positive thoughts to the surface. It sort of allows you to get back to your pleasant and most productive self.


2. Make a soothing tea

In India, tea is more than a beverage and is seen as one of the ways to improve your life mentally specifically.

It is a comfort drink since times immemorial.

Whenever we feel tired or unwell or just fed up, we take a tea break.

A simple strong tea with a touch of ginger and cardamom can do wonders to the craving soul.

And now there is so much more variety for every mood it seems…

Green tea with a slice of lemon and a pot of honey is again one of my personal favorites.

You can even experiment with rose, mint, and hibiscus tea (a must, if you are a tea lover, could be considered among the ways to improve your life!).  

Anyways, whichever tea you decide to go for, the idea is that when you are feeling low, put that kettle on, throw in some herbs and let them infuse for some time, and Explore your spiritual core.

Strain and just enjoy that freshly brewed cuppa that will lift your mood instantly!


3. Become tougher mentally ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’


We all have heard of this saying. But how does the tough get going? What fosters the energy in the tough to keep on striving and moving ahead?

It is that inner connectedness, that feeling of knowing what they are doing and why they are doing it- that keeps them going. And it comes from meditating and yoga as well.

These two are the most significant and best ways to improve your life in whatever ways you want.

While managing our daily tasks, it is crucial to just get 10 minutes to connect with yourself. Believe me, this is actually among the best of best Ways to Improve your life. You’ll eventually witness it.

Whatever is a good time for you: early morning when you wake up, during your lunchtime, or before you go to sleep, take 10 minutes to meditate each day- it can do wonders for you.

Just try for 5 days and you will see the difference.

Fitting mediation and relaxation into your lifestyle will free your mind and foster a stronger relationship with your spiritual wellness.

Also, praying helps. Pray to the higher power. To whosoever, you feel connected to.

There is so much that is beyond science and these times are proof of that.

So pray to the higher power who seems to control the entire universe.

You will find undeniable peace and calm even if your situation does not change immediately. Try it.


4. A daily act of goodness

During the times of lockdown, while most of us are advised not to leave our homes, there are some who are on duty. And could nothing be better than serving your nation in a hard time like covid as well?

They are keeping us safe by putting their life in jeopardy. But you and I forget, just how easy and important it is- to do good every single day. This is another big gesture and among the ways of improving your life.

Just focus on one act of goodness every day. What could that be for you?

What could that be for you?
For me, it could be creating meaningful content that touches some strings in the hearts of everyone.

For you, it could be cooking for your family or spending time with your kids or reaching out to families of the troubled and offering help…it could be anything.

Your one daily act of goodness could be uniquely yours. Own it. Embrace it and make it a daily do.

You will feel so good after doing it, that you will start finding ways of doing it every day.


5. Mentor someone

Since some of us have loads of time at our hands these days, why couldn’t we mentor others with our stream of knowledge?

Why can’t we bless someone else with that nugget of knowledge that we are blessed with?

It’s not that you have to be qualified to mentor or coach always because if it is your family or friends, they already know who you are and they can turn to you when in need. You just have to embrace them and advise and mentor to help them come out of the situation easily.


6.Read edifying booktok.

Try reading content that acts as food for the soul.

Helpful content naturally makes us feel healthier and happier.

Our spirit gets lifted and we are on that road to achieving our goals again. Some of the booktok I recommend are:

Live your Dreams: Here are 12 reasons why you should be reading “Live Your Dreams’ especially during times of lockdown.

One most prominent is that it gives you an instant oasis where you can just escape to… with no inhibitions and it just answers those questions which have been buried deep inside you for a really long time.

It makes you explore creativity which is unique to you and propels you to follow your dreams.

Another one I really like is Vishen Lakhiani’s ‘The code of the extraordinary mind’.

Through this book, Vishen is trying to provide a 10 point framework for understanding and enhancing the self.

Two very interesting aspects of the book are bending reality and consciousness engineering.

Bending Reality, as a term coined by him, is a state of being – and when you’re operating in this state, you feel like everything in life is bending in your direction, that you are effortlessly making things happen, and that anything is possible.

Consciousness Engineering is a technique that will help you create extraordinary levels of success by shifting the two things that truly define who you are as a human being.

I hope you liked one or all of these options to improve your life spiritually and mentally.

Hopefully, you would try incorporating them in your life one at a time.

I guess it is time for all of us to go with the flow.

It is time to loosen up and think. Think with an open mind, rest, and stay peaceful.

Because then only we can be ready for the future which will come knocking as soon as this tide has settled.


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6 Ways to improve your life spiritually and mentally 1

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If you are looking for bites on spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, or ,spiritual growth and wellness Here are some ways to improve your life, be it spiritually or mentally



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