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6 Tips on How to be Creative | 6 Inspirational stories for Girl Boss

6 Tips on How to be Creative | 6 Inspirational stories for Girl Boss 1

Being an entrepreneur is amazing-but def comes with its challenges! If you are looking for girl boss quotes, female Entrepreneur quotes, inspirational stories or girl boss inspirational stories, Whether you are new in business or you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, I think you’ll find these success stories truly inspiring and helpful!

6 Tips on How to be Creative

She is very focused and passionate about what she wants to do

And seems overnight she had ‘Wings to fly’

She just works on her craft, apart from playing her part well

She is very comfortable in her skin, her aspirations, her feelings, the way she is and

What she demands from life

She just tends to enjoy herself completely like a free spirit…

– From ‘Luxury Unplugged’ Podcast

In this episode of Luxury Unplugged Podcast, we’ll be talking about

  • How to be More Creative: 6 Inspirational Stories | Art Podcast for artists who have fear of failure
  • 6 inspiring women who have overcome these obstacles and achieved great success. We’ll share their stories and maybe these stories transform your life, your current struggle in some way…

because we believe in

‘Stories that touch some strings in our heart, live forever.

– Quote by Neeti N Keswaani

6 Tips on How to be Creative | 6 Inspirational stories for Girl Boss | How to be Creative: A Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

In honour of Mother’s day, it’s important to reflect on the unique challenges that women face when it comes to money and business.

While Prega’s latest ad and hashtag#SheCanCarryBoth are viral, we should celebrate all the amazing things that women can achieve by being all that she wants to be…she of course can carry all…i.e. if she wants to.

6 Tips on How to be More Creative
6 Successful Women -6 Inspirational Stories: Listen now on Luxury Unplugged Podcast available on Apple Podcast, Google, Jio Saavn, Ganna, etc
on ‘Luxury Unplugged Podcast
Luxury Unplugged Podcast: what is it about? It is a platform where luxury meets spirituality. Check it out!

Luxury Unplugged podcast can be classified as education podcasts or wellness podcasts as it speaks on important topics like luxury and spirituality in new light.

So what’s holding women back from achieving their financial goals?

We are covering six aspects of what holds women back through 6 inspiring stories of successful women who have faced and overcome these challenges by embracing divine feminine

First, let’s cover the lesser-known 3 heroes’ 3 stories who also achieved their financial goals but how did they do it? Let’s find out now…

1) Start by accepting yourself just as you are.

Karen, an entrepreneur and mother of two, struggled for years with the feeling that she wasn’t good enough. This led her to play small in her business, not charging what she was worth, and not putting herself out there. It wasn’t until she began to embrace the divine feminine energy that she was able to start charging what she was worth and attract more clients.

How can you empower yourself the divine feminine way?

-Start by accepting yourself just as you are. You don’t have to be perfect to be successful.

-Create a vision for your life and business, and write it down. This will help you to stay focused on your goals.

-Make time for yourself, and do things that make you feel good. This will help you to stay positive and motivated.

2) Reacting to people

When Jocelyn first started her business, she was very reactive to the people around her. She would take their comments and feedback to heart and would let them affect her work and business decisions. Over time, she learned that this was not helpful and that she needed to focus on her own goals and vision. She began to tune out the negative noise, and this made her more successful.

How can you stop reacting to people?

Here are a few tips:

-Start by setting boundaries. Decide what is and isn’t acceptable to you, and stick to them.

-Know your values, and stand up for them. Don’t let others influence your decisions

How can you embrace your femininity and become more successful?

-Make time for yourself, and do things that make you feel good. This will help you to stay positive and motivated.

3) Taking Risks

When Anne started her business, she was very hesitant to take risks. She wanted to make sure that she was doing everything perfectly, and that she wasn’t risking too much. This led her to play small, and not take the chances that could have led to her success. It wasn’t until she began to embrace the divine feminine energy that she started taking risks, and this led to her success.

How can you embrace risk-taking in the divine feminine way?

-Be flexible and willing to change course if necessary.

-Trust your intuition and go with your gut feeling.

When you embrace your divine femininity and use the power of the divine feminine, anything is possible. So go out there and you can do it all!


There are many ways to empower yourself in the divine feminine way. And I can make another podcast about the same if you’d like me to talk about it more…so write to us…as u know your thoughts, your comments give us ideas and inspiration for our next episodes…

Tell me something

before we move on to the next set f our 3 very successful women, whose story inspired you the most till now?

Was it Karen who understood she needed to start by accepting herself to become successful as she wants to be?
Or Jocelyn who learnt to stop reacting to people by setting her boundaries?
Or Ane who embraced risk-taking the divine feminine way?

First is JK Rowling: my all-time favourite

How to be more Creative | How to run a creative business if you are an artist

JK Rowling

Who isn’t a fan of the beautifully written world-famous Harry Potter series?

These books take us to the magical journey of a whole different world.

But her own journey has not been less magical

She got an idea to write Harry Potter in 1990. Before she completed the fourth chapter, her mother died. Then she moved to Portugal, taught English, and got married but one year later filed for divorce.

Being jobless, divorced and a single mum, she was in depression and even considered committing suicide but her mother kept her from taking this drastic step

She finished writing Harry Potter in 1995 but had no money to publish the book and so she approached multiple publications but then faced a multitude of rejections. In June 1997, Bloomsbury published Philosopher’s Stone with an initial print run of 500 copies.

By 2013, 500 million copies of Harry Potter sold worldwide and got translated into 73 languages

From a depressive state, She became a billionaire author.

Lessons For All of us?

The most important lesson that J.K. Rowling has to offer is the value of perseverance, effort, and action on one’s goals. And no matter how long it takes you to figure it out, you will get there in the end. You must have faith in your objectives and persevere every day. There is no magic pill for success.

Meryl Streep:

Now, I am truly in awe of this beautiful versatile actress who seems to be the character and does it so well that it becomes larger than life.

Whether it is her role in Mamma Mia or the most iconic performance as Miranda Preistley of Devil wears Prada, she is one of my all time favourites.

She acquired her own fan base with her tireless work throughout the long term. She has carved her name as an outstanding entertainer. Meryl is considered as probably the best entertainer to effortlessly the film screen. She has gotten an amazing 17 Academy Award designations and has won 3 out of them. She additionally has gotten 27 Golden Globe selections out of which she has won 8. 

She has balanced her professional life with a successful private one also. She is the mother of four children and got married to Don Gummer in 1978

No matter how many awards she wins, no matter how many roles she takes on, Streep never loses sight of the fact that her work is just that, her work. Every actor and actress who talks about her always holds her in the highest regard. Why? Because she is a joy to work with, they say. A JOY!

Lessons for All of Us?

Meryl Streep is a perfect example that with enough hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve great things. She has also shown that it You must never rest on your laurels.

Meryl Streep’s story is one of enduring dedication and hard work. She is an excellent example that success takes time and consistent effort. And once you achieve a level of success, it’s important to maintain that work ethic and continue to strive for greater excellence.

Meryl would not abandon her fantasy, even with disappointment. 

Meryl Streep’s most famous quote is

“I’m curious about other people. That’s the essence of my acting. I’m interested in what it would be like to be you.”

 “All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today, in any scene.”

-Meryl Streep

Deepika Padukone

She needs no introduction.

One of the highest-paid actors in the Indian film industry, Deepika Padukone’s journey to success has inspired millions of her fans across the globe. From taking changing careers to overcoming depression, the actor has narrated her journey to stardom on several occasions.

But you might not know is that she always had this in the back of her mind she will be onscreen someday

So she started off with something she was sure of …that’s was modelling

She loved being in front of the camera, pursued this passion and got huge success in that

soon she was getting modelling assignments. Even her first film also happened because she was spotted in a commercial.

In one of her interviews, she said that she was presented beautifully right from her first film, almost pampered by the industry veterans and sort of shown the path ahead…

Her life story feels like a dream but who says it has to necessarily be a story full of struggles to make it a successful one?

She was very focused and passionate about what she wanted to do

and seems overnight she had wings to fly

But the one thing she did was not take success for granted

She got amazing movies but it was not only her perseverance but

Her calm and composure

her ease to be herself

and not worrying about end result or worry about anything

She stopped worrying about what people might say or feel or think about her next moves

she worked on her craft, apart from playing her part well

she is very comfortable in her skin, her aspirations, her feelings the way she is and what she demands from life

She just tends to enjoy herself completely like a free spirit

She seems to not take any pressure, any burdens about what will be

and of course support from her close ones has seen her soar.

her mantra for life: Do your part, enjoy it while doing it, Just take it as it comes and everything else will follow is

Infact, she totally believes in the quote from her first film ‘ If you really really want something in life, you send that message out in the universe and…it all happens’

She ha been so confident about herself that she never worries or thinks on what next, it just seems to keep popping up for her.

All she sets her intent is on the fact that she does everything with a certain purpose

some intention of change, some transformation in thoughts, beliefs or ideas for someone in the world, influencing people towards positivity

seems it worked out well for her and

therefore that’s the lesson from her life

These women represent a small sampling of many great women in the business and entertainment world who are mega influentials. The one common thread among these stories of success is these women have defined success on their own terms. They were not afraid to blaze their own trails and chart their own courses. They refused to give up on their dreams, even in the face of disappointment. They worked hard and stayed focused on their goals. And lastly, they enjoyed themselves along the way.

With International Women’s Day coming up, it is a good time for all of us to reflect on what we can learn from the successes of these inspiring women.

Let us all make a promise to blaze our own paths and chart our own courses, to refuse to give up on our ambitions, and to work hard and stay focused on our objectives.

And most importantly, let us have fun while we’re doing it!

and this very thought is nothing less than luxury for some of us!

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Mother’s Day Special

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