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3 Indian restaurants are among Asia’s 50 best

Three restaurants from India have made it to the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants List. Mumbai’s fine dining restaurant Masque rose from #21 last year to #16 in 2023, becoming the Best Restaurant in India. New Delhi’s Indian Accent rose from #22 last year to #19. The new entrant from India this year is Avartana at ITC Grand Chola in Chennai at #30—also winning the Highest New Entry Award. 

India on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants List

The 11th edition of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants has ranked Le Du in Bangkok at #1. In January this year, chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn of the Michelin-starred restaurant hosted a pop-up at The Leela Ambience Gurugram, and created the Pani Puri Poh Taek that combined a cold traditional Thai soup of lamb jus, tomato, kafir, galangal, lemongrass and chillies with the crunch of a housemade puri. Singapore leads the pack with a total of nine restaurants on the 50 Best List, while Tokyo has seven. Tokyo’s Sézanne is at #2. Narisawa, Tokyo—the #1 restaurant on the first ever Asia’s 50 Best List—remained in the top ten at #10 this year. Singapore’s Labyrinth at #11 won the Highest Climber Award, rising from #40 in 2022. Gaggan Anand’s eponymous restaurant in Bangkok returned to the list after its reopening at #5. Den, Tokyo, which topped the list last year, dropped a few places to #4 this year. 

The 51-100 list, which was announced last week, includes Mumbai’s The Table and Americano, as well as Bukhara, ITC Maurya from New Delhi. A new entrant to the extended list this year is Mumbai’s Ekaa (at #93) helmed by chef Niyati Rao and restaurateur Sagar Neve. The cuisine-agnostic restaurant makes one locally-sourced ingredient the hero of each dish, hence the name Ekaa, which means “the one”. 

Here is the full list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023:

1. Le Du, Bangkok
2. Sézanne, Tokyo
3. Nusara, Bangkok
4. Den, Tokyo
5. Gaggan Anand, Bangkok
6. Odette, Singapore
7. Florilège, Tokyo
8. La Cime, Osaka
9. Sorn, Bangkok
10. Narisawa, Tokyo
11. Labyrinth, Singapore
12. Sazenka, Tokyo
13. The Chairman, Hong Kong
14. Villa Aida, Wakayama
15. Mosu, Seoul
16. Masque, Mumbai
17. Meta, Singapore
18. Fu He Hui, Shanghai
19. Indian Accent, New Delhi
20. Ode, Tokyo 
21. Zén, Singapore
22. Sühring, Bangkok
23. Onjium, Seoul
24. Burnt Ends, Singapore
25. Euphoria, Singapore
26. Cloudstreet, Singapore
27. Les Amis, Singapore
28. Mingles, Seoul
29. Neighborhood, Hong Kong
30. Avartana, Chennai 
31. Ensue, Shenzhen
32. Cenci, Kyoto
33. Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh, Bangkok
34.  Da Vittorio, Shanghai
35. Potong, Bangkok
36. Born, Singapore
37. Wing, Hong Kong
38. Raan Jay Fai, Bangkok
39. Wing Lei Palace, Macau
40. Anan Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City
41. Mono, Hong Kong
42. Toyo Eatery, Manila
43. Sichuan Moon, Macau
44. L’Effervescence, Tokyo
45. Mume, Taipei
46. Baan Tepa, Bangkok
47. Born & Bred, Seoul
48. Metiz, Makati
49. Caprice, Hong Kong
50. Refer, Beijing

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